Kamen Rider Geats: Light Saint transforms into a new knight, and Miyin’s fantasy buckle also appears

In the latest plot of Kamen Rider Geats, Guangsheng is also transformed into the stage, and it also leads to the fantasy buckle of Mi Yin, let’s take a look.

First of all, the composition of this new knight. The head should be a miniature version of the villain knight’s horns in the previous theater version. The fantasy armor should be a magic modification of the previous Feicai’s devil-shaped leather case. The buckle can be viewed according to this style. It should also be changed from the previous ninja belt buckle. In terms of ability, it seems to be very strong.

As a passer-by knight who appeared in the middle and late stages, even if he is very capable, he should leave the stage soon. After all, he occupies his daughter’s fantasy buckle, so he should leave the stage due to righteousness, and then send the fantasy buckle to For my own daughter.

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