July comic book release list

The Dongli official website book list is detailed, so it is not sorted out

It is possible to temporarily change the publication time of the scheduled book

This book list does not include BL and light novels (Chang Hong has no marked category, so there may be BL)

Dongfan only provides Japanese and I only convert what I know into Chinese

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Source: Official websites of each publishing house

Cutting-edge July “Manga” is scheduled to publish a new book

Fullmetal Alchemist Complete Edition Box Set

Hiromu Arakawa / 3600 yuan

The story about me falling in love with my master (2)

Arima Eiko/140 yuan

Please give me more advice in this life (5) (6)

Li Hui / 360 yuan each

The married wife is always flattering and laughing (5)

Matsumoto Kengo / 140 yuan

Capable cat is also depressed today (6)

Yamada sheep / 250 yuan

land. — about the motion of the earth — (7) (8) end,

Yuho / 140 yuan each, (7) (8) complete special edition 899 yuan

Kamo Bridge Theory’s Taboo Reasoning (7) First Press Limited Edition

Akira Amano/199 yuan

Abolian, who can’t judge the distance (14)

Shui’anli/140 yuan

Takagi-san who is good at teasing people (18)

Takaichiro Yamamoto/140 yuan, 600 yuan for the passage special edition

All in all it’s cute (20)

Kenjiro Hata / 140 yuan, passage special version 600 yuan

WIND BREAKER—Windbreaker—(4)

Nisatoru / 140 yuan

King Ranking (14)

Ten-day grass supplement / 220 yuan

Qingwen’s “Manga” is scheduled to publish a new book in July

Detective Conan (102)

Gosho Aoyama/105

Monthly Girl’s Nozaki Dogaku (14)

Pile Spring/140

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki Dogaku (14) Special Edition

Zhuangquan/140 special edition book jacket

Teenage Abyss (6)

Ryou Minami / 140

【My Child】(09)

Akasaka Aka / Yokoyari Mengo / 140 SNS transparent card

【My Child】(09) Deluxe Limited Edition

Akasaka アカ╳Horizontal Spear メンゴ/700 Bronzing Collection Card Group & Acrylic Stand

SHADOWS HOUSE-Shadows House-(12)

Squash Tomato/140

SHADOWS HOUSE-Kagetaku-(12) Limited Edition

ソウマトウ/160 Limited Edition Appendix: Collection Card Group

The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Daughter (03)

Nangao Spring Announcement/140

Women are very unfriendly to passer-by characters in the game world (09)

Chaolijun/140 Limited Edition Appendix: Exclusive Booklet

Detective Conan Zero’s Daily Life (06) END

Takahiro Arai/140

Detective Conan Zero’s Everyday (06) Limited Edition END

Takahiro Arai/200 photo card

Dragon Quest Dai’s Great Adventure Brave Bang and Hellfire Demon King (06)

Yusaku Shibata/105

Love Songs Just Like Whispers (07)

Eku Takeshima/140

Love Songs (07) Deluxe Limited Edition

Takeshima えく/650 cloth poster badge photo card

Gu Jian’s classmate is a communicator. Official Canon ODA


Bo’s Illustration Collection ~Footsteps until Tomorrow’s Classmates~(All)


There are beasts under the skirt. (02)

Hanamaruo/140 Limited Edition Appendix: Collection Cards

Luno who wants to show others (01)

Ben Meng/140

The rookie uncle adventurer, was fucked to death by the strongest team and became invincible (02)

Ken Ogino/140

This flower Qi Tan (09)

Amano Sakuya/140

Simulated harem experience (06)END

Yu Saito/140

The weakest monster started the journey of picking up trash. “Comic Edition (02)

Oyster wild winter/140

Detective Conan Police Academy Collection (All)

Gosho Aoyama/250

The hunting life of Nordic nobles and raptor wives in snow country (04)

White birch deer night/140

The young elite female knight only showed her cute side in front of me (02)

Yoshino sect/140

The Reincarnation of the Sage in Another World ~Use Game Knowledge to Become the Strongest in Another World~(02)

thirty thirty/140

Too cute and big crisis (03)

Kido Mitsuru/99

Pokémon SPECIAL Sword? Shield (01)

Satoshi Yamamoto/99

Since the world has shifted, let’s be a super cheating magic swordsman (03)


The Masochist and the Disappointing Queen (02)


Fate Grand Order -Epic of Remnant- Subspecies Singularity IV Taboo Advent Garden Salem Heresy Salem (05)

Aoi Omori/140 postcard set

Team Leader’s Daughter and Nanny (06)


My push is Miss Bad Guy. (03)


My push is Miss Bad Guy. (03)Limited Edition

Aonoshita/180 Limited Edition Appendix: Exclusive Booklet

The Labyrinth Raiders of the Strongest Meat Shield~A meat shield with a rare skill and physical strength of 9999 was dismissed by the brave team~(01)

Ryuta Kijima/140

Decimal Bride (04)


The Legend of Galactic Heroes (23)

Fujisaki Ryu/140

Reincarnation without a job ~ When you arrive in a different world, you will show your true skills ~ The Frustrated Magician (01)

Yoneda Kazuo/150 Limited Edition Appendix: Collection Card

Kadokawa’s July “manga” is scheduled to publish a new book

The longing-for prince forced me to start a cohabitation life (full)

Author: Mikawa Keiya / 150 yuan

sister-in-law life (1)

Manga: Yumika Kanade, Original: Mikawa Ghost, Color setting: Hiten / 140 yuan

Pick up the daughter whose marriage was regretted, and teach her a bad and happy life ~ let her enjoy delicious food and dress up carefully, and create the happiest girl in the world! ~(1,2)

Manga: Ichiho Katsura, original work: Samtaro Fukada, corner setting: Sakura Miwabe / 140 yuan

A manga artist imprisoned by a strange high school girl (1)

Author: Ryoma Kitada / 140 yuan

How can my sister be so cute! Ayase if (1)

Manga: Keiji Watarai Original work: Tsukasa Fushimi Color setting: Hiro Kanzaki / 140 yuan

Maid in the Gem Shop (1, 2)

Author: Yamase Chika / 150 yuan

Sasaki and Wenniao Xiaobi want to enjoy a leisurely life in another world, but they are involved in supernatural battles in modern times~ Magical girls seem to be warming up~ (1, 2)

Manga: Prezi Osho Original work: Bunkorori Corner setting: Kantoku / 140 yuan

The Summer of Light Gone (2)

Author: Ren Mokumoku / 140 yuan, 600 yuan (special version)

Sweet and spicy step sisters attack left and right (2)

Author: Hideyuki Kirisaki / 140 yuan

Resentment against heaven and earth, resentment against spirit protection (2)

Author: Hiruzuka / 140 yuan

Sword Art Online Sword Art Online Kiss and fly (2)

Manga: Riko Bekko, Original: Reki Kawahara, Color setting: abec/130 yuan

Endless Flowers (4)

Author: Ayato Sasakura / 130 yuan

The daughter of the Albert family aims to decline (4)

Manga: Tsukasa Satsuki, Original: Saki, Kaku Color Setting: Hazuki Futaba / 140 yuan

My favorite idol turned into a recognized stalker (4, 5)

Author: Miinosuke Seo / 140 yuan

There is a big problem with this art club! (15)

Author: Imigimuru / 130 yuan

Mobile Suit Gundam MSV-R Johnny . Retin’s Return (24)

Author: Ark Performance, Machine Setting: Kunio Okawara, Original Story: Yoshiyuki Tomino, Original Plan: Hajime Yatate / 130 Yuan

Dongfan’s “Comics” is scheduled to publish a new book in July

Jul.[Limited]Lala’s Marriage 5 PURE / Tamekou

July[Limited Edition]The King of Frozen Ground and the Millennium Dream 1 PURE / Akira Hino

July[Limited]Newlywed Omega doesn’t even know a kiss PURE / Mikage Tsubaki

July[Limited]Limit Honey 4 PURE / Nanase

Jul Dekinai Futari 3 Cherry / Satomura

July Ruri and the King of Cooking and 12 BOY / Shota Kikuchi

July Everyone there 1 BOY / caterpillar silkworm

July[Limited]Satanofani 11 BOY / Keisuke Yamada

July Zombie 100~100 Things to Do Before You Become a Zombie~9 BOY / (Original) Aso Haro (Illustrator) Kotaro Takada

July[Limited]Girlfriend Takadoko-shiki Soko-san who is familiar with strange knowledge 5 NEXT / Ohana-chan

July Devil’s Destruction 12 (End) Asano いにお

Changhong’s “Manga” is scheduled to publish a new book in July

7/5 new version of Helck-Heroku Helck-6

7/5 Magic Light Source Co., Ltd. 1 (first brush appendix/e-book bonus)

7/5 Magic Light Source Co., Ltd. 2 (first brush appendix/e-book bonus)


7/5 Reunited with the enemy prince after reincarnation All 1

7/5 Lord Lord’s Bride All 17/5 Self-righteous Vanilla All 1

7/12 Can’t wait for the sweet taste 17/12 The Thunderbolt of Youth 1

7/12 Even if death separates the two 1 (first brush appendix/e-book bonus)

7/12 Even if death separates the two 27/12 Puppies in love twists and turns all 1

7/12 Anxious Flowers All 1

7/12 Amoral Nightmare All 1

7/12 Mr. Hayama’s humanoid pillows all 1

7/19 Worrying about Saioji Brothers seems not bad 5End

7/19 The Whisper of the Drug House Girl~Maomao’s Harem Puzzle Solving Handbook~6

7/19 Superb! Crazy Family 2 (Super Business Book) 7/19 Black Joke Black Humor 10

7/19 Touch Liberation Magician All 1 (There is also a special edition)

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