Joker Xue Lanzhou concert details

Xue Zhiqian, a musical talent with a unique voice and affectionate connotation, is deeply loved by music fans for his excellent musical talent and unique musical style. His music works are not only realistic in lyrics and sincere in emotion, but also directly touch the softest part of the heart. And this time, music fans from Lanzhou will come to the scene in person to experience the charm of his music up close. Come to Joker Xue’s Lanzhou concert!

Joker Xue Lanzhou concert information

Joker Xue Lanzhou concert time: 2023-08-18 Friday 19:30

Joker Xue Lanzhou Concert Venue: Lanzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium

Joker Xue Lanzhou concert ticket price: ¥317/517/717/1017/1317/1717

The venue for the concert will be the largest venue in Lanzhou City – the Lanzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium, which is very suitable for large-scale music events. Not only modern facilities and equipment can ensure the best display of sound effects, but also a spacious stage and auditorium, enough to accommodate the enthusiasm of thousands of music fans. At that time, the audience will not only be able to watch Joker Xue’s outstanding singing skills up close, but also be able to experience the live atmosphere of the music feast and enjoy the magic of music to the fullest.

Xue Zhiqian has always been a relatively low-key musician, he puts more energy on music creation and singing, this time in Lanzhou concert, he intentionally puts more emphasis on the music itself, and strives to give the audience a pure and An evening of real music. Whether it is Xue Zhiqian’s classic songs such as “Actor” and “Extraterrestrial Objects”, or his brand-new music works, they will be presented to the audience one by one, bringing different listening enjoyment.

In addition, he will present well-prepared stage performances for the audience, as well as some interactive sessions with fans, making the whole concert full of laughter and surprises. For music fans in Lanzhou, this concert is not only a music experience, but also an opportunity to interact with idols. It will be a precious memory to be able to visit the scene in person, feel the charm of Xue Zhiqian up close, and sing every song with him.

Joker Xue Lanzhou concert is about to kick off, it will be a music festival full of passion, emotion and memories. Let us look forward to this unique music journey together. I believe that in this music hall, you will gain more touch and happiness. The concert is about to start, I look forward to meeting you in Lanzhou and spending unforgettable time with Xue Zhiqian!

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