Jinrui Huanghua fascinates all eyes, and its good name is Sedum notoginseng

There is one more plant in the flower bed at home. I saw that it has lush green leaves, and the branches are full of small golden flowers, which are bright and beautiful.

I asked my mother, what kind of flower is this?

My mother replied that this is Feicai, also known as Sedum Sanqi, and it is easy to feed.

I quickly moved closer to observe it carefully, and it looked like a succulent plant, with short rhizomes, hidden under thick leaves, alternate green leaves, relatively small but plump, and very cute.

The small golden flowers blooming on the branches are crowded together, interlaced and blooming, like yellow smiling faces, which cannot be closed.

The little yellow flowers are in various poses, some have four petals, and a simple “ten” is drawn, some have five petals, like stars, and the most have six petals, showing a beautiful style.

There are many slender stamens protruding from the middle of the petals, and there is an oval yellow dot at the top, which is slightly darker than the petals.

The sun is shining on the beautiful flowers, the breeze is blowing softly, and the bees are buzzing, adding to the flowers dancing with the wind.

The green leaves and yellow flowers are luxuriant, adding a touch of beautiful scenery to this hot summer day.

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