It turns out that 5 ecology experts in China have died in accidents, all of which were in car accidents

It turns out that five ecologists in China have died unexpectedly, all of them in car accidents. One is accidental, two is accident, three is coincidence, so what about four and five? Is it a coincidence?

The first one, on May 30, 1991, Academician Ma Shijun encountered a car accident on his way back to Beijing from a meeting.

Second, on May 21, 1998, Academician Li Bo was killed in a car accident while inspecting the western part of the Eurasian steppe.

The third place, on May 12, 2007, Academician Lin Peng died in a car accident in Xiamen.

The fourth place, on September 25, 2017, Professor Zhong Yang was only 53 years old when he was involved in a car accident while on a business trip in Inner Mongolia.

The fifth place, on June 23, 2023, Professor Zhang Dabing was only 56 years old when he encountered a traffic accident on his way to attend an academic conference in other places.

Whether the car accident was a coincidence is hard to say, but, very coincidentally, these five are all leading figures in my country’s biological research fields related to food safety, seed safety, genetically modified technology safety, and ecological safety. It’s creepy. How could it be such a coincidence?

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