“It is strictly forbidden to spy on the great rivers and mountains of the motherland”? The “walls” along the two scenic spots have been demolished!


Taken by a tourist

“The wall of Hukou Waterfall on the Yellow River (Shaanxi side) was demolished”

‘s video garnered a lot of attention

Previously, the construction of the wall here had sparked widespread discussion

△Tourists take pictures of Hukou Waterfall through the fence (video screenshot).

The same controversy also arises in

Jiulong Waterfall Group, Luoping County, Qujing City, Yunnan Province

near the side of the road

Recently, tourists have found

There is a fence more than two meters high

△The waterfall seen from the gap of the enclosure.

In response, the Luoping County Government Information Office responded

Fences that block sightlines along the Jiulong Waterfall Scenic Area

All removed

Why do natural landscapes frequently become “you can only see them with money”?

Kowloon Waterfall: The fence along the line has been removed

Follow-up measures will be taken to ensure safety

Recently, a netizen posted a video on a social platform saying that when he passed the road near the Jiulong Waterfall Group in Luoping County, Qujing County, Yunnan Province, he found a fence on the side of the road next to the waterfall.

The fence is more than two meters high, and there is a reminder sign of “No Climbing” on it. The inscription is Jiulong Waterfall Group Scenic Area.

△The fence around the Jiulong Waterfall (photo provided by the interviewee).

This netizen said, “There are places covered by dense forests and mountains, and barbed wire is used to isolate them. As long as you can see the places in the scenic area, there are walls far away.”

According to public information, the Jiulong Waterfall Group is located on the Jiulong River 20 kilometers northeast of Luoping County. It is a national 4A-level tourist attraction. Due to the special geological structure and the millennium erosion of water flow, ten levels of waterfalls with different heights, widths, and shapes have been formed here. The adult ticket for this scenic spot is 65 yuan.

In the middle of the night of July 2, the Luoping County Government Information Office responded that all the fences blocking the view along the Jiulong Waterfall Scenic Area have been removed, and life protection facilities such as corrugated guardrails and anti-collision piers have been retained.

△All the fences blocking the line of sight along the Jiulong Waterfall Scenic Area have been removed (photo provided by the Propaganda Department of Luoping County Party Committee).

The relevant person in charge of the Luoping County Culture and Tourism Bureau said that after the dismantling of the fences blocking the line of sight along the Jiulong Waterfall Scenic Area, measures such as adding deceleration bars and related signs, and increasing traffic police patrols will be taken on this section of the road to ensure road traffic safety, smoothness, order, and continuous improvement. Quality of tourism services.

△The excavator is removing the fences that block the view along the Jiulong Waterfall Scenic Area (photo provided by the Propaganda Department of Luoping County Party Committee).

Hukou Waterfall: More than 500 meters of “safety wall” has been demolished

Measures such as hanging nets will be taken to reduce hidden dangers

On July 2, there was also the latest progress in the “wall blocking the view” incident along the road along the Hukou Waterfall Scenic Area of ​​the Yellow River: The reporter learned from the Yellow River Hukou Scenic Area Administration Bureau in Yichuan County, Shaanxi Province that there are more than 500 people along the Hukou Waterfall (Shaanxi side) The “security wall” has also been removed.

The scenic area previously responded that the wall was built mainly because of the large cliff height difference in this section of the road, easy to fall rocks, and several traffic accidents caused by vehicles staying to obstruct traffic. Although the scenic spot stated that the fence was built for safety reasons, because the area covered by it happened to overlook the core landscape of Hukou Waterfall, it still caused controversy and confusion among netizens.

It is understood that the local area invited experts in transportation, geology, landscape, cultural tourism, etc., conducted many discussions, and finally determined the rectification plan. After the “safety wall” is dismantled, a number of measures will be taken to prevent traffic jams and accidents due to the stay of people and vehicles. At the same time, the relevant departments will carry out slope control on this section of the road, take measures such as cleaning up dangerous rocks and hanging nets, and strive to minimize potential safety hazards.

Ding Dong quick review

Dahaoheshan should not have an “anti-peeping” mode

A blogger released a video saying that a fence was built next to National Highway 214 near Meili Snow Mountain National Park in Deqin County, Diqing Prefecture, Yunnan Province, preventing tourists from enjoying the scenery along the road. The Meili Snow Mountain Scenic Spot responded recently, expressing that it will sincerely do a good job in the rectification work and open the two scenic spots for free.

It is a pleasure to look at the great rivers and mountains of the motherland and appreciate the beauty of Chinese culture. However, some places try to control and cover all the corners of the mountains and rivers, so as not to let those who have not bought tickets “steal” a trace of the scenery. Judging from social feedback, the behavior of building walls to block the scenery is not only ugly and annoying, but also more likely to “backlash” itself, that is, the more scenic spots become more “stingy” and “short-sighted”.

△Some netizens commented that building walls in the scenic area to block the view is “it is strictly forbidden to peek at the great rivers and mountains of the motherland”.

As the saying goes, “gold cups and silver cups are not as good as people’s word of mouth.” Building walls to block scenery seems to “block” people’s access to free scenery, but in fact it also “blocks” people’s good image of scenic spots from word of mouth. The latter may be the key to the high-quality development of the tourism economy. Looking back at the recent media reports, from the need to buy tickets for self-driving tours passing through scenic spots, to the “serial package” tickets that have been complained about, to the current building of walls to block the scenery has made the local “favorable”, and the endless stream of unsightly actions will eventually be inevitable. ” “Ticket thinking” is causing trouble, which is manifested as managers suffering from mild or severe “ticket dependence”. Numerous past cases have proved that the “small calculation” of ticket economy will lose the big market of global tourism.

△ Meili Snow Mountain “Rizhao Jinshan” beauty.Photo source Xinhua News Agency

“Those who contribute to major events must be people-oriented.” The essence of writing a great article on the high-quality development of the tourism economy is to gather popularity, strengthen guarantees, and provide excellent services. The free opening of West Lake scenic spots in Hangzhou is the most talked about by people, and has reaped eye-catching economic and social benefits. The reason is not difficult to understand: the tourism industry is a comprehensive industry. With the increase in passenger flow, service industries such as catering, accommodation, and retail are ushering in new opportunities for development and creating a bumper harvest for tourism. In a nutshell, to develop the tourism industry, we need to settle the immediate account, but more importantly, the word-of-mouth account and the long-term account. From this perspective, it is better to build walls to block the scenery than to return the scenery to the people. We are happy to see more scenic spots tear down the high walls on the road, and strive to achieve a gorgeous turn from “enclosing land to sell scenery” to “enclosing land to gather popularity”.

Transformation and development, there must be pains. It is unavoidable that in the process of transforming from “ticket economy” and “tourism economy” to “comprehensive consumption economy”, many scenic spots will inevitably experience reduced income, sudden increase in tourists, and pressure on grassroots facilities. These challenges are even more severe for regions with weaker finances. Because of this, it is difficult to find ways to survive the labor pains and break out of the cocoon. This requires the scenic spot to actively establish a big tourism concept and a big wind landscape, and take responsibility and make a difference in changing the development mode and innovating development ideas. At the same time, relevant government departments should also give appropriate preference in terms of policy supply and financial subsidies, so that we can ride the wind and waves if we help each other.

Dahao Heshan should not have an “anti-peeping” mode! With the advent of the “summer vacation”, the tourism market in various places continues to recover, and people’s willingness to travel is generally high. Under such circumstances, “Poetry and the Distance”, which has been placed with good expectations, should be seen and appreciated, and should never stop at a high wall.

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Comprehensive Southern Client (Wen Jingzi), China Central Radio and Television Group Voice of China

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