It is a “hematopoietic hero”, often eat some, full of energy, and better complexion!

Introduction: It is a “hematopoietic hero”, often eat some, full of energy, and better complexion!

say onecommonplaceWe compare health to “1”, and money, career, and reputation to “0” after 1. If there is no “1” in the front, no amount of “0” in the back is actually meaningless. However, many people nowadays often ignore their bodies in order to pursue excessive material enjoyment. It leads to bad mentality, bad mood, sallow complexion, and lack of energy in the whole person.

So how should we arrange and pay attention to our diet in our daily life? There is such a saying in the old saying, “harmony between man and nature“, the word “heaven” refers to nature (heaven and earth), and “human” is a metaphor for our body. “Unity” means that the human body can adapt to the changes of nature, and the two are in a state of balance.Therefore, we also need to “eat according to the time and nourish according to the time” to maintain our body.

For people with weak qi and blood, sallow complexion and lack of energy,Peanut in Red is a right-hand manIt is known as the “hematopoietic hero”, and it is more nourishing than red dates!Red peanuts are rich in nutrients, which can help us growStrengthen the body, speed up the synthesis of red blood cells, and achieve the effect of nourishing blood and hematopoiesis. Now it is summer, which is a good time to harvest peanuts. We eat it from time to time to keep us energetic,Replenish enough qi and blood, and make the complexion more rosy.The following is the specific method of this red peanut rice cake. If you like it, you can try it together.

Tips from Jiayou Caicai: Regarding the red-clothed peanuts and related precautions, I have written them at the end of the article, please remember to read them carefully.

【Red Peanut Cake】
Ingredients required:Half a catty of fresh red peanuts, 3 taels of sweet potato powder and flour (300 grams in total), half a bottle of pure milk (about 125 grams), 2 teaspoons of sugar, 1 teaspoon of peanut oil

【Production steps】
step 1:Buy half a catty of red-coated peanuts, wash off the soil on the surface with clean water, peel off the peanut shells, and then wash them and put them in a bowl.

Step 2:Then pour the red peanuts and 2 teaspoons of water into the blender for crushing.

Step 3:Then add 3 taels of sweet potato flour and flour (300 grams in total), 2 teaspoons of sugar, stirred red peanut pulp and half a bottle of pure milk (about 125 grams) into the pot.

Step 4:Then we knead the dough and make it into thinner red peanut cakes.

Step 5:Pour a spoonful of peanut oil into the pan, and put the red peanut cake in the pan until both sides of the cake are fully cooked, then you can take it out of the pan and enjoy it on a plate. (Note:Use a small fire for pancakes, don’t be impatient, it’s easy to burn if you turn on a high fire)

[Jia You Cai Cai Shuo Warm Reminder]
1. What are the foods that are compatible with red peanuts?

Attention everyone, red peanuts cannot be eaten at the same time as bracken, persimmon, and crab, so as to avoid causing physical discomfort, bloating and pain in the stomach.

2. Who is not suitable to eat red peanuts?

Those who are injured by bruises and bruises and have pus in the wound should remember not to eat red peanuts for the time being. Because the vitamin K contained in peanuts is not conducive to the recovery of body wounds. In addition, friends who are in acute gastroenteritis, gout attack period or high blood viscosity are not recommended to eat red peanuts to avoid aggravating the adverse situation.

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