Is it good to install radiators in summer?

Summer is the peak season for decoration, and many families will choose to decorate in summer, or add some new furniture and home appliances to their homes. So, is it suitable to install radiators in this season? Let’s find out with Jinzhi Qige.

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First of all, installing radiators in summer can avoid the peak of heating installation in autumn and winter. In autumn and winter, many people need to install radiators, which leads to a tight installation team and a long installation period. Installing radiators in summer can avoid this situation and complete the installation in advance to ensure winter use. In this way, not only the inconvenience caused by the long installation period can be avoided, but also the risk of deterioration of the installation quality caused by the tension of the installation team can be avoided.

Secondly, the installation of radiators in summer can be tested in advance to ensure the use in winter. After the radiator is installed in summer, a test run can be carried out in advance to check the performance and quality of the radiator to ensure that there will be no problems when it is used in winter. In this way, problems such as lack of heating of the radiator or water leakage can be avoided during use in winter, which will bring unnecessary troubles to life.

Finally, let’s take a look at what to pay attention to when installing radiators in summer:

1. Selection of radiator products

To choose a radiator product, you need to consider many issues such as the overall heating environment of the community, the material of your own radiator, and the matching with the home. For example, the heating water in the community contains more oxygen, so it is not suitable to choose ordinary steel radiators, but copper and aluminum. Composite radiator or steel anti-corrosion diamond radiator with anti-corrosion treatment.

2. Radiator installation form

Radiator installation forms include surface and concealed installations. Concealed installation needs to bury the pipe underground or in the wall. Its advantage is concealed installation without affecting the decoration style. The surface installation does not need to be buried in the ground, you only need to run the pipe along the corner of the wall. Its advantage is that it can be installed in both new and old houses, which is very convenient and quick.

3. The installation position of the radiator

The radiator should not be installed at will. The radiator should be installed under the window, which is conducive to the rapid heat dissipation of the radiator, ensuring the balance and temperature of the room temperature, and blocking the entry of cold outdoor air, so that it will not take up too much indoor space and affect the interior decoration. beautiful.

4. The radiator interface is not standardized

The installation of radiator interface is not standardized. These common construction quality problems will cause hidden dangers for system leakage and unsatisfactory heating effect. It is suggested that users should find a professional and qualified installation team to ensure that the installation operation is standardized and orderly.

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