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At first glance, the cover looks like the Pamela scene, and it’s obvious that I’m here to pay off the debt.
After a one-week business trip to Paris and a two-week vacation in Switzerland, the doors closed in June facing the extreme heat in Beijing. I once received a question in last month’s push, “how did my cousin make her back so thin and beautiful?” I’ll talk about whether it looks good or not. Today, I don’t think there is a more suitable opportunity to give a detailed answer than now: outdoor The air-conditioned room is converted into a place of refuge. Living in it can not only dig watermelons to catch up with dramas, but also stretch and stretch your body. It does not cost a penny to become beautiful, which really caters to the current economic environment.

Of course, most of the content of this subscription account is thinking about luxury goods, culture, fashion life and the strong relationship between them will never change, but whoever said that people who pay attention to these things don’t eat or drink, and don’t follow dramas or exercise , What about the daily needs of wandering in the spiritual civilization position, right? We can all write. So I will summarize this article. Although I have no professional dance or sports background, perhaps because of this, I can benefit from many exercise methods or stretching videos, even for ordinary people with zero foundation. After finishing this article, let’s start to learn more about Paris and Switzerland in the next article.

I started stretching probably in February last year, and it has been nearly a year and a half. Before that, the way of exercising was relatively simple: for more than 20 years of running, I seldom stretched iron and never stretched. I believe that these have been fully and comprehensively displayed in the past historical photos.
Last year was the year when I began to seriously think about how to exercise more reasonably and sustainably as I grow older. What is rare is that the coach’s fitness concept is also very mature. In our communication, target words such as “lose weight”, “thin”, and “chopstick legs” are not likely to appear. The basic core concept revolves around “making one’s body feel comfortable, relaxed, and stretched”.
The most important one is that he continued to advise me to “stretch fully”. In the past two years, I continued to ignore this suggestion. Sometimes I am more eager for quick success and instant benefits in sports, and feel that these things that take a long time to see a little effect are useless.
The reason why I tried to change it later was mainly because my shoulders and neck were too sore and stiff due to long-term desk work, which caused dizziness and occasional numbness of the upper limbs. The comfort of my body was greatly limited, and I had to walk on multiple legs. In fact, there is no particularly good solution to this kind of problem, because it is not created in a day, so it is necessary to show the determination and perseverance of water dripping through the stone: regular relaxation and rest, not only to protect the cervical spine and relax the muscles, it is especially worth mentioning And use your eyes.
Digression: In the past few years, I accompanied my mother to the eye hospital every week for acupuncture and moxibustion, and I have seen too many tragic cases that made people cry, so I appeal to my friends to use their eyes healthily, look at electronic devices less (especially not in the dark), Take regular breaks. Although misfortunes are different, the pain caused by being invisible to the eyes is too intuitive and unbearable, but after seeing the state of wanting to live and putting yourself in that situation, mortals will really feel better. Respect and cherish life, and understand that health is the first priority for people that cannot be shaken by any factor.
Turn back and say stretching. Before that, I had never followed the video to skip exercises, which belonged to a cognitive blind spot, so after a friend recommended Pamela shoulder and neck training, I followed it and started to develop the habit from eight minutes a day. Therefore, I developed and practiced derivative videos such as abdomen and legs.
I regard this stage as the introductory period of my own stretching, and the goal is to persist as a victory. Because the time has actually gone up for half a year, so the shoulder and neck pain must have an obvious soothing and relaxing effect; second, the posture of the upper body has changed a lot, which is definitely an unexpected extra gift for me.

It changed a little bit last summer

But my experience is actually in the back: it is similar to the more intense “serious” aerobic exercise that is regarded as “exercise” in the seriousness, how to stretch and how to stretch in a way that is more suitable for you also needs to be constantly explored .

After being infected with the new crown in December last year, I was obviously much weaker. Because of the syndrome of autonomic dysfunction orthostatic tachycardia, which was later popularized by doctors in tertiary hospitals, I followed the doctor’s advice and took a full rest for nine days from January to March. For ten days, the biggest exercise during this period is walking until the heartbeat gradually returns to the normal level.
Since resuming exercise in mid-March, my idea is to try to diversify and ease the exercise, not to run all the time, and to make the body feel comfortable instead of taking exercise as a task. Later, I saw that the exercise prescription for patients with lipid metabolism disorder was mentioned in the push of the subscription account of Fuwai Hospital. Although I did not have the three highs at all and all the physical examination indicators were within the standard healthy range, through communication with coaches and doctors, we Think that this exercise prescription can actually be applied to everyone without being limited to people with dyslipidemia:
That is, our daily exercise should include three aspects: aerobic, resistance and flexibility. Among them, aerobic exercise is mainly continuous, rhythmic, and exercise that uses large muscle groups; resistance exercise can use equipment or free strength exercise (simply speaking, it is rolling iron); flexibility exercise is based on static and dynamic stretching. host.
Therefore, in addition to gradually returning to daily running and iron-pulling aerobic resistance exercises, I also re-made the layout for myself in the flexibility training. By following the videos of various styles of exercise masters, I finally combined a set In the past three months, I will share with you the plan that has been implemented persistently, feels comfortable and relaxed, and has no resistance to it for a long time.
This set of combination boxing contains five videos, covering both dynamic and static stretching types, and it will take about an hour and a half to complete. The average number of my daily follow-up training is to do four. If I run that day, I will change to three.

The first is Mr. Ai’s 30-minute standing abdominal muscle training. There are four words “relaxed and happy” in the title, which really lives up to the name. Compared with Pamela or Ab Ripper, who need to take a deep breath to prepare for mental construction before starting, and then put on the pain mask with the battle song, I am more inclined to take these forty minutes. (Including a few minutes of stretching and relaxation) is classified as a dynamic full-body stretch rather than an abs-specific workout.
There is no jumping/squatting in the whole process, but the upper limbs and waist and abdomen continue to ensure high-frequency output. If you can do every movement well, you will still be sweating in an air-conditioned room. I dance with my mother almost every time (it can be seen that the difficulty is not high), considering various factors such as comprehensive exercise ability, age, cardiopulmonary function, knees and joints, I consume about 160 calories, and my mother is about 200 calories for the first time. After cooking, there are 170-190.
I think the characteristic of Ms. Ai’s video is that in the same length of video, hers is relatively relaxed, and you can follow every movement, but at the same time, she will sweat profusely and consume the most.

This was followed by Pamela’s beginner ab workout. I have been doing this training for a year and a half, and I don’t plan to advance to the intermediate level. As we all know, Pamela’s training at the intermediate level is already quite scary. 10 minutes of abdominal training with 20 movements without any intermission is the kind of abdominal abuse. So I stayed firmly at the beginning level, and used this video as a supplement to the previous training-more focused on the abdomen.
However, because I have done it for a long time, the stimulation of this set of movements to the abdomen will become smaller and smaller. At this time, I will take the initiative to increase the difficulty and add additional dumbbell loads to several of the movements to achieve small progress. stage purpose.

After that, I followed the arm training of sister jo. It is short and powerful, and it is especially suitable for finishing the first two dynamic training. I simply loaded a pair of 1 kg dumbbells and stopped. Because we women do not have many opportunities to frequently use the muscles of the upper limbs in daily life, the strength of the arms is generally weak.
I sometimes take a 3kg dumbbell to exercise my biceps and triceps while looking into the distance during the working day, so when I do the overall stretching training at night, I don’t want to bear the burden of humiliation and do it with a happy mood.
After all, most people who choose to video train with Ms. Jo should be infected by her smile and vitality, and feel that she is cute and cute, so they don’t think about how to be patient and deliberate to become thinner and amaze everyone. Mobilize dopamine and endorphins, make the body comfortable and natural, and maintain a happy mood, as she advocates: Grow with JO.

I accidentally took a selfie in the mirror when I was on vacation in Switzerland last two weeks. I am overly satisfied with the Buddhist fitness and gradually gaining muscle lines.

The last two yoga teacher Mady Morrison’s static stretching is something I just started doing this year. I like it very much and the effect is very significant for me, so I highly recommend it.
The process of changing from last year’s Pamela stretching to this year’s Mady Morrison is actually what I said above, “exploring a more suitable stretching method for me”. It has nothing to do with who is good or who is bad, but whose content is the most suitable for the current self: Pamela is of course very good. I believe that there must be a very professional action design team behind this level of fitness bloggers. In order to ensure that each set of training is scientific, reasonable, less prone to injury and at the same time has a clear pertinence and effect, the main one is the most vivid.
But for me—especially me, who is looking for soothing and making my body a top priority this year—the pace of Pajie’s videos is too fast. If you are going for vigorous and fast-paced training such as dancing and abdominal muscles, then the music and video rhythm complement each other, which has a great stimulating and motivating effect on the trainer.
But in terms of stretching, I hope that the music is soothing enough, the rhythm is completely slowed down, and the duration of each movement is longer. Otherwise, after a set of stretching, instead of getting any relaxation, it would be like doing a whole other set Like training, stretching like this doesn’t work for me.

If you only want to do one set, I recommend Mady Morrison’s 15-minute full-body stretch, which covers head to toe in one go. This set of stretching music is soothing and melodious, and every movement of the teacher is very clear and unambiguous, which is a rare example. I recommend not just making a generalization, because if the observation is detailed enough and the range of motion can be done as much as possible, the body will really give very positive feedback after finishing this set: the shoulders and neck are loosened quickly, and the muscles after exercise are fully stretched Stretch, the body feels very relaxed.
It’s not just me, you can see how valuable a good stretching video can be to soothe a person’s body and spirit from her terrible favorites and everyone’s feedback in the barrage.
This kind of body feeling comes from the change of muscle elasticity. Under the influence of exercise or other sedentary factors, the tense part of the muscle is prone to blockage of lactic acid substances, which makes the muscle elasticity worse. The fundamental purpose of our stretching is to restore the muscles to a certain degree of elasticity and improve blood circulation, which will bring comfort on the one hand and help tightening on the other hand.
Sometimes I work at my desk for too long and I am too lazy to make a big fuss. I will choose Mady Morrison’s 10-minute shoulder and neck stretch instead of full-body stretch. Empty your mind, rest your eyes, and treat yourself physically and mentally.

Going back to the question mentioned by readers backstage at the beginning: “How to make the back so thin and beautiful”. It’s funny to say, I remember when I first started training with a personal trainer a few years ago, I occasionally sighed: You see, I have such a big and ugly belly, what should I do? The coach “comforted” me very seriously: you feel your belly is loose and ugly now because you can’t see your back. It’s a harsh statement, but what she’s saying is that the back is harder to get into shape than the belly.

Although from February last year to the present, except for the infection recovery period, I have indeed been doing regular ironing, but the frequency of one or two times a week is considered Buddhist fitness at most. As for the lines on the back now, although there is still a huge gap from what others are really good at, but compared to what I have paid, it has far exceeded expectations. I thought about it, and a large part of it is really due to stretching for no less than 45 minutes every day, and its auxiliary effect is really like dripping water.
The line of the back muscles is only one aspect. My greatest sense of accomplishment is actually a qualitative leap in my posture. When I participated in an event last month, I met an “old friend” who was always bad at speaking. When he met, he joked eccentrically: I remember that you used to be very hunchbacked, but now you are quite straight.
How to explain this, maybe the muscles have memory after stretching for a long time? The top of the head seems to be lifted by a wave of true energy all the time, the back is no longer bent, the body is more flexible, the neck no longer keeps running forward, and everything returns to its original position firmly. I think this kind of energy brought by the change of posture is one of the decisive factors of the word “temperament” that human beings talk about all the time.
In my cognition, “temperament” has never been absolutely positively correlated with wearing gold and silver, and being close to a big name; instead, it should be considered by experience, cultural connotation, style of conversation, manners, mental outlook, and cleansed body. Dressing styles come together to define.

Nowadays, on social media, it is easy to appear a few days of quick vest line or weight loss strategy video, which makes anxious and anxious people accidentally believe it is true. Until I practiced it myself, I realized that this was a misunderstanding. It turns out that it needs to be matched with more unexplained extreme measures to achieve results. However, such a quick victory, how to achieve sustainable development and not rebound has become a new anxiety, so repeated reincarnation, Anxiety.
It’s like this: I don’t have the willpower to be hungry, and I also have an unshakable loyalty to food, thinking that it is one of the few things left in the world that is really worth enjoying. So choose to accept your fate, resist the temptation of dazzling information at a slow speed within your ability, and try not to compare with others, because that is the source of many pains.
But you see, it actually works.
(With photos of hiking on the Aletsch Glacier in Switzerland in the past two weeks, hiking around the entire vineyard to Montreux to watch the sunset, and swimming in Le Mans Lake. I hope you don’t need to endure humiliation whether you are reading, falling in love, or exercising. But take it easy: relax, relax, relax. I say it to you, and I say it to me)

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