In the hot summer, experience the overlord meal to cool off the heat

Author: three big stones

The recent Beijing seems to have parachuted into a flaming mountain, and it has to rely on air conditioners to continue its life every day, but this is not a solution, so we have to think of a way, simply, Bawang Meals, and you can eat for free, and Wouldn’t it be nice to have the air conditioner and drinks, haha

First of all, let’s talk about the location. It’s in the east of Yizhuang, not too far from Chengxiang Century Square, so the traffic is not very convenient. I went there by car. If I don’t drive, I really don’t know how to get there.

Look at the title of this bill – “Overlord’s Meal”, I feel a happy mood invisibly, and a sense of coolness rises from the bottom of my heart

I chose a good seat, number 109, because my daughter-in-law’s birthday is on January 9th, and this table number is related to it.

Let’s talk about the space. The space for the counters at the bottom is not too big. There should be private rooms upstairs, so I didn’t visit it. The overall decoration is good, and it is also very clean. The air conditioner is fully turned on. It is extremely hot today, and it is impossible to live without the air conditioner.

The dishes are quite satisfactory, which is considered average. There are no unpalatable dishes, and there are no particularly amazing dishes. The names of the dishes are quite good.

For example, the flowers are blooming steadily, they look good, they look very appetizing, and they taste better than edamame and peanuts.

I like boiled chili mixed with preserved eggs, and I may not have eaten it for a long time.

The other dishes were just okay.

The noodles inside the fish head are pre-cooked, so they are a bit lumpy. After soaking in the fish head, they are a bit grumbling and not chewy. Many shops now use rice noodles. I don’t know why they don’t work. Maybe Is it not authentic to use rice noodles? The instant noodles are a bit ugly, so I won’t show them in the picture.

Crock pot rice noodles, a small bowl, very cute

There are also after-dinner fruits, watermelon is good

After eating the Bawang meal, please comment. Generally speaking, if you are afraid of thundering when eating, you can choose this restaurant, and you will definitely not be thundered. If you want to eat something amazing, this restaurant is not the best choice. If you want to treat guests, this place is also a good choice. The environment is at least very good, and the waiters are also very proactive. Here, I would like to praise the waiter lady, who took the initiative to tell me that the parking fee is free for meals. The dishes are served very quickly, and the price of the dishes is a bit higher, but the discounts on the set meals are still strong.

Finally, I heard that Beijing Airport has changed the route, and you can always see the plane overhead.

This is the second time I eat Bawang Meal, I can eat it often, I leave, get in the car and turn on the air conditioner, and then turn on the air conditioner when I go home, blow xxxxxx~~

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