In the graduation season, Kelon air-conditioning used Good Sleep to cheer for their dreams and encouraged young people with 16 decibels to just move forward

The annual graduation season is here again, and the whole network is full of youthful beauty. As an important turning point in life, in the last summer vacation of their youth, they must start to make independent choices for their own lives! Kelon air conditioners continue to use the product label of “16 decibels”, use good sleep to fuel their dreams, and encourage 16 decibels Young people just keep going!

In 2022, the 16-decibel graduation season project was successfully launched, which is the first step in Kelon’s air-conditioning brand marketing rejuvenation. The brand TVC “16-decibel me” has been played more than 5.7 million times on the whole network, and the theme song of the same name has received 999 comments on Netease Cloud. . As an excellent example of marketing in the graduation season that year, the project was collected and forwarded by many heavyweight websites, and won the 2023 Tiger Roar Award, Bronze Award for Content Marketing, and TopDigital Integrated Marketing Award.

In 2023, we will continue to focus on Generation Z, integrate the unique soft-sound operation function of the small ear set products, and continue the concept of “16 decibel youth”. Through the brand TVC with attitude, tell the 16 decibel youths that no matter how small the 16 decibel sound and choices are, they will lay the foundation for the ideal life in the future. This is the best summer for the new generation. Kelon air conditioners use good sleep as a Dream come on, 16 decibel youths just move forward!

For this year’s graduation season activities, Kelon Air-Conditioning has opened up the offline and online communication links, centered on the voice of Kelon Air-conditioning brand, and linked several well-known universities and young brand representatives online to form a graduation season alliance for joint voices. Carry out brand graduation season proposition expression. From July 1st to 3rd, a warm graduation exhibition will be held at the Xiaohonglou Art Museum, a super-popular check-in place in Qingdao. Taking advantage of the traffic attractions to radiate online and offline college groups, it will warm up the brand proposition of the theme TVC. At the same time, with the help of the “Art” label that comes with the Xiaohonglou Art Museum, it conveys a sense of a beautiful life atmosphere. During the event, there will also be a themed live broadcast, inviting outstanding young people to participate in the live broadcast and share their stories from graduation to entrepreneurship.

This year, Kelon Air Conditioning will still launch a brand TVC to express the brand attitude of 16 decibel young people’s small decisions, which can be accumulated into us in the future. If “16 Decibel Me” in 2022 is to respect and listen to GenZ’s point of view, then the graduation season TVC “16 Decibel Youth Just Go Forward This Summer” to be released in 2023 is the choice to express support and encourage GenZ, telling 16 decibels New youths, although it may not be the best choice, as long as you persist, your choice is the standard answer. At present, the graduation season activities have officially started, let us look forward to more new surprises from Kelon Air Conditioning!

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