In Jin Yong’s martial arts, Huang Rong is really a very smart person, her intelligence is different

Huang Rong is a nearly perfect character in Jin Yong’s works. She is so smart that she can almost be called the smartest heroine in Jin Yong’s martial arts. Her cleverness is not petty cleverness, but crystal clear, cleverness that can see through people’s hearts. Huang Rong’s intelligence is most obvious when he gets along with Guo Jing. Guo Jing and Huang Rong are harmonious throughout their lives, and Huang Rong’s intelligence has played an important role.

Because she loves Guo Jing, Huang Rong’s intelligence is all for Guo Jing. She thinks of Guo Jing wholeheartedly, so her intelligence has the glow of love.

Huang Rong was very concerned about Guo Jing. When the two first met, Guo Jing helped her dress up as a beggar and gave her two taels of silver and a BMW. Huang Rong lost her mother since she was a child, and she had just quarreled with her father at that time. It was a miserable time, and she longed for warmth. Guo Jing appeared at the right time, and Huang Rong was deeply moved.

Huang Rong has black spots in Legend of the Condor Heroes. For example, Guo Jing was injured. She helped Guo Jing hide in the secret room of Niujia Village to heal his injuries. At that time, only Sha Gu was present. Huang Rong was worried that Sha Gu would leak the traces of the two of them, so she decided to kill Sha Gu. When she was about to make a move, she found Guo Jing looking at her, and immediately put out the thought of silence. She very cleverly realized that if she really killed Sha Gu, Guo Jing would definitely hate her for the rest of her life.

At this time, Huang Rong’s actions were completely from Guo Jing’s point of view. She knew that Guo Jing was the most benevolent, but considering Guo Jing’s feelings, she couldn’t kill innocent people in vain, this was the smartest way.

Nowadays, many young couples quarrel constantly. One of the important reasons is that one or both parties become self-willed and never look at the problem from the perspective of the other party.

Guo Jing misunderstood that several of his masters were all killed by Dong Xie, and he wanted to fight Dong Xie desperately. If someone else had misunderstood his father, Huang Rong would have punished him long ago. But facing Guo Jing, she wisely did not turn her face, but silently investigated the truth.

After the two got married, Yang Guo and Guo Fu fought on Peach Blossom Island and ran away from home. After finally finding them, Huang Rong wisely said nothing, as if nothing had happened. You must know that Huang Rong is a very strong person, she can not hold back her anger at Yang Guo, it is all about taking care of Guo Jing’s feelings.

To prevent Yang Guo from doing evil, Huang Rong wisely only taught him to read. Many readers are dissatisfied with Huang Rong because of her prejudice, but this is the smartest way. Yang Guo later decided that Guo Jing and his wife had killed his father, and wanted to seek revenge from them. At a critical juncture, Yang Guo remembered the books Huang Rong taught him to read, and thought of the truths in the books, so he let go of his hatred. Not only did he not kill the couple, but he also helped them lure away the enemy.

Huang Rong’s cleverness protects the integrity of her husband and children. This cleverness is really great wisdom. Many of the heroines in Jin Yong’s books are very smart, but very few can reach Huang Rong’s level. You can use Zhou Zhiruo as a comparison.

Zhou Zhiruo is very smart, she was forced by her master Juejue to take over the position of head, and forced her to become an enemy of Zhang Wuji. Despite Zhou Zhiruo’s reluctance, she still followed Miejue Shitai’s instructions.

Zhou Zhiruo cleverly set up a plan, stole the dragon-slaying sword and Yitian sword, and then cast suspicion on Zhao Min. It was luck that Zhao Min was able to survive. Zhao Min who survived met Zhang Wuji and was almost beaten to death by Zhang Wuji who misunderstood her. Zhou Zhiruo’s perfect arrangement made Zhao Min unable to argue.

After returning to the Central Plains by boat, Zhou Zhiruo “smartly” killed all the crew members in order to prevent her whereabouts from being leaked. With all kinds of “smart” designs, Zhou Zhiruo successfully obtained the martial arts secret book in Yitian Sword, and successfully learned the Jiuyin Baiguzhuo, which made her very prestigious in the world.

However, compared with Huang Rong, Zhou Zhiruo’s cleverness can only be regarded as a little cleverness, and she can’t stand on the stage. When she was playing tricks, she didn’t think about Zhang Wuji’s feelings at all. As we all know, Zhang Wuji in Jin Yong’s works has the kindest heart. Even the six factions that indirectly killed his parents can repay grievances with kindness, and he can’t bear to do harm to those innocent crew members. However, Zhou Zhiruo killed without hesitation, which left a thorn in Zhang Wuji’s heart.

Zhang Wuji once told Zhao Min that he was both respectful and afraid of Zhou Zhiruo. When a man “fears” a woman, there is not much emotional element, but what Zhou Zhiruo wants most is Zhang Wuji’s love. In the end, this love was lost, and no one else could be blamed for it, but herself. She was so smart, she was misled by her cleverness.

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