In addition to Feitian Moutai, which has been sold by drops in recent years, there are 6 famous wines with high praise rates in China

In addition to Feitian Moutai, which has been sold by drops in recent years, there are also 6 famous wines in China that are recognized as high-rated wines in the high-end market. Let’s take a look to increase your knowledge!

High-end game, these wines will make your taste out of the circle instantly

In the regular high-end business bureau, Mao Wujian is the absolute protagonist, but it is unavoidable to drink too often. Some people have used mid-end brands of niche ultra-high-end wines instead, such as Gujing Gong’s New Year’s Eve (the price is close to 2,000 yuan), the guests may not agree with it, and it may be self-defeating; how to reflect the honor of the guests while not lacking in wine? What about a new idea to show the owner’s extraordinary taste?

Still have to choose niche items from these hard brands:

1 Flying Moutai

Flavor type: Sauce flavor

Comments: Not much to say about this wine. The number one domestic liquor, there is no doubt that it can be said to occupy more than half of the sauce wine industry with its rich sauce and Maoxiang flavor, but the price is out of reach for most drinkers. It is a wine for collection. friends more.

2 Fenjiu blue and white 20

Fragrance type: Fragrance type

Comments: With the title of “one clear to the end”, it is also “unique” among liquors. With its sweet style and taste, it has won the love of many drinkers, and it is also a major single product sold in the blue and white series.

3 Lai Sheng Fang

Flavor type: Sauce flavor

Comment: In recent years, a “dark horse” that has become famous in the Maotai wine circle by virtue of its strength, shares the location, raw materials, technology and microclimate of golden wine making with Feitian Moutai. In addition, 25-year-old wine was used to bless and hired “National Wine Master” Feng Xiaoning to season the pango. The title is highly sought after by wine lovers.

4 pits

Fragrance type: and fragrance type

Comments: The unique mixed-flavor liquor, one of the famous liquors in Anhui, has the flavor of “concentrated in the front, clear in the middle and soy sauce in the back”.

5 Wuliangye

Fragrance type: strong fragrance

Comment: As the saying goes, “If you are not Mao, you are five” is true. It is said that Moutai is a hard currency, and Wuliangye is not bad. A regular at the bar.

6 Shuijingfang Qingcui

Fragrance type: strong fragrance

Comments: The body of the wine is clear, the aroma of the wine is obvious when the lid is opened, and the color and aroma are complete. The transparent bottle packaging is also generous and beautiful, and it is also very popular in business banquets.

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