In 55 years, Chen Geng was optimistic about a small staff officer, and he was named to train him: 40 years later, this person will become the vice chairman of the Military Commission

In 1955, when he was Shino No.41st Army CommanderWang Dongbao is very busy.Wang Dongbao has been in this state for a long time, because he has to make sufficient preparations to meet thePeng Dehuai, Chen GengWaiting for the inspection of many military chiefs.

looking for help

Wang Dongbao dares to fight on the battlefieldtough guyas early as the age of 15, he walked through the gate of hell and wasLuo RonghuanAfter being rescued, he never feared life and death again.But this time he received the news that Peng Dehuai, Chen Geng and others were coming to inspect, he stillSome panicked.

For one thing, many senior military leaders came to the 41st Army for inspection at the same time. As the commander of the army, he must make sufficient preparations. This is the minimum for the leaders.respect

Moreover, the Shino 41st Army is a heroic army with a glorious tradition,Outstanding military exploitseven if you look at the entire People’s Liberation Army’s combat effectiveness, it is absolutelyamong the bestThe presence,Wang DongbaoI don’t want this team to lose its status in the hearts of the chiefs because of my negligence;

Secondly, Wang Dongbao is good atlead the waronce became famous in the Siping defense battle, and with this creditPromoted to teacher.However, Wang Dongbao was so fierce in fighting against the enemy, but he couldn’t show any skill when communicating with the chief.stuttering.

Wang Dongbao knew himself best and Peng Dehuai better, and he expected that when he reported to Peng Dehuai, hisNot good at talkingIt is likely that the hot-tempered Peng Dehuaipublic criticism.Wang Dongbao is now the commander of an army, if soCriticized in publicI also feel that I can’t live with my face.

Therefore, although Wang Dongbao had prepared for a long time and fully prepared, he was still a little nervous and kept going.Think hard, Is there any way to save myself from the embarrassment that may arise.Wang Dongbao’s biggest shortcoming is that he is not good at talking, and other qualities are all excellent, so he plans to find a young and promising person who is good at speaking.young cadresCome to share your worries.

battalion staff

After much deliberation, Wang Dongbao finallyselected, Let the young cadre Zhang Wannian accompany him to accept the inspection of the chiefs.Once you encounter a situation where you are speechless, give him a wink and let him speak for you“relief”

Zhang Wannianwas just abattalion staffthe age is only27 years oldThat’s all, although his usual performance is very good, whether it is military literacy or conversation, he is quite good.

But when such a young cadre faces Peng Dehuai, Chen Geng and other heads, wouldn’t heNervous, stage fright?The reason why Wang Dongbao chose him to accompany him was naturally because he had confidence in him, because the young Zhang Wannian reallyIt’s already very unusual.

Zhang Wannian is from Shandong.suffering, determined to change all this. When he was only 17 years old, he resolutely joined the army and crossed the Bohai Sea.advance to the northeastparticipated in the famous Liaoshen Battle with the army, experienced dozens of battles, and quickly grew into a real steel warrior.

Zhang Wannian’s experience of joining the army, the author briefly describes it in a few short words, which seems to be an understatement, but in fact it is difficult and dangerous.wounded three timesIf it weren’t for the firm will that is different from ordinary people, such a young soldier would definitely not be able to bear such a situation.tough test.

first time injurywhen Zhang Wannian was the platoon leader, he led the soldiers to attack the area east of Fushuncamp battlemiddle.

Although Yingpan Village is small in size, its geographical location is extremely important. It is surrounded by the Hun River Valley and mountains on all sides, forming a natural fortress.The Kuomintang army built a large number of fortifications here and deployed aU.S. Equipment Corpsguard.

When Zhang Wannian led the 3rd row to attack, he took the lead,dash all the way, While blowing up the enemy’s core bunker, it was also blocked by the enemy’s Plum Blossom Fort.Zhang Wannian refused to admit defeat, regardless of the characteristics of Plum Blossom Fort’s cross-screening, he still rushed hard, and the result wasHit in the stomach by enemy shrapnelthe right leg was also burned by the incendiary bomb, but it boosted morale and won the final victory.

second injuryIt was two months after the first injury, when Zhang Wannian blew up the railway controlled by the enemy.

At that time, it was the middle of winter, and the temperature was as low asminus thirty degrees Celsius, the snow was more than two feet thick, not to mention combat, it was already very difficult to walk.Zhang Wannian was ordered to blow up a section of railway controlled by the enemy. On the way, he accidentally encountered a large Kuomintang army and had to stop temporarily. In order to avoid exposing his position, Zhang WannianLying in the snow nestHidden inside, for more than an hour, did not move.

After the Kuomintang troops had gone far away, Zhang Wannian was ready to act, but found that his feet were already stiff.hebite the bulletAfter completing the task of blowing up the railway, he almost scrambled back to the station. When his comrades discovered that he had been frostbitten, they immediately brought him a bucket of cold water to soak his feet. Although his feet were preserved, two large blisters still appeared on the two heels.

At that time, the army had regulations,frostbitten feetSeriously, I can’t continue to march, and I have to arrange to be sent to a local hospital for treatment. In other words, in Zhang Wannian’s situation, he needed to leave the army.Zhang Wannian insistedrefused to leave the armyRelying on a wooden stick and the help of his comrades, he marched on tiptoe until healed.

third time injuredIt was when Zhang Wannian joined the army to attack Tiejia Mountain in Anshan.

Tiejia Mountain has a dangerous terrain and a steep mountain. When you climb to the top, you can overlook the whole city of Anshan. It can be said that Anshan is in the southeast.barrier. Zhang Wannian was the deputy political instructor of the 5th Company at the time, and when he was ordered to attack Mount Tiejia, it was in February.Tiejia Mountain, which was originally easy to defend and difficult to attack, is covered with snow and ice crusts.The difficulty increased sharply.

This battle was doomed to be tragic. After the People’s Liberation Army began to charge, the soldiers of the fifth company were severely reduced. The deputy company commander and instructor sacrificed one after another. Zhang Wannian, who witnessed this scene with his own eyes.Grievousleading a few soldiers to detour to the other side of the ice cliff, intending to avoid the enemy’s firepower and take the opportunity to climb to the top of the mountain.

As a result, while Zhang Wannian and others were climbing, they were accidentally discovered by enemy machine gunners. Bullets then hit Zhang Wannian’s ankle like a storm, and one of the bullets hit Zhang Wannian’s ankle, causing severe pain.Came in an instantZhang Wannian rolled off the cliff on the spot,passed out.

Zhang Wannian’s three injuries are like the epitome of his military career, daring to fight, fighting hard, and rushing hard have always been his characteristics.After being wounded three times, Zhang Wannian joined the army to participate in theBattle of Tashanhe was only 20 years old at the time, and served as the head of the communications unit of the 36th regiment.

The brutality of the Tashan blockade is well known to everyone, so I won’t repeat it here. In this tragic battle, Zhang Wannian and his comrades have always been fighting in the field of communication.In order to ensure the connection between the position and the headquarters, the telephone lines on the position were blown up again and again, and they connected them again and again.sacrificeYes, another person will come on top immediately.

Therefore, although Zhang Wannian is young, Zhang Wannian has very rich combat experience and has made a lot of military exploits.Wang Dongbao chose Zhang Wannian to help him among the many young cadres in the army. It was not just because of his eloquence. The deeper reason was that Wang Dongbao knew Zhang Wannian and knew that he was not a simple battalion-level staff officer. all the wayDoer.

Chiefs such as Peng Dehuai and Chen Geng are all people who have experienced life and death and are used to seeing big scenes.Since they came to the 41st Army to inspect, they must see the real thing, and they want to rely on their eloquencePerfunctoryDeception is absolutely impossible.

In fact, Wang Dongbao’s choice was very correct. When Peng Dehuai came to inspect and mentioned the question of the troops, Wang Dongbao would first answer a few general answers, and then he would give a detailed introduction.Leave the opportunity to Zhang Wannian

Zhang Wannian answered fluently. During the briefing on the situation of the army, Peng Dehuai answered all the questions he asked impromptu accurately and properly.deeply satisfied, all smiles. Zhang Wannian’s performance was even more noticed by Chen Geng. After the inspection,Chen Geng didn’t leave immediately, but made a special trip to find Zhang Wannian.

Wisdom and talent

After Chen Geng learned his name, he said humorously:“Your ambition is really big. Others are looking forward to a long life, but you want to live 10,000 years!”Chen Geng likes to joke, but not with everyone. He is willing to joke with Zhang Wannian, a junior, which shows that he is very optimistic about Zhang Wannian, and hopes to ease the atmosphere so that the next conversation between the two will be less tense.

Chen Geng chatted seemingly casually, which involved national defense issues, army building issues, and the international situation.Zhang Wannian answered one by one, saying a lotunique point of viewChen Geng knew as soon as he heard it, Zhang Wannian usually has research on these issues, otherwise he would not be able to come up with such an answer.

After this in-depth exchange, Chen Geng was convinced that Zhang Wannian was arare talent, intending to develop it into a key training object.Before leaving, Chen Geng personally recommended to the relevant departments and gave Zhang Wannian the opportunity to go to the Military Academy.Opportunities for further studies.Appreciated by Chen Geng, Zhang Wannian quicklyget promotedFrom the battalion-level staff to the chief of staff of the regiment, and concurrently served as the deputy head of the regiment.

Since then, Zhang Wannian has always maintained an attitude of learning. After further studies in the Military Academy, he has fully stimulated his full potential, and finally found a place to use his skills on the Vietnam battlefield.Great exploits. In 1995, forty years had passed since Chen Geng met him for the first time, and Zhang Wannian became theVice Chairman of the Central Military CommissionProved with practical actions that Chen Geng did not misunderstand the person.

As the saying goes, “Maxima often exists, but Bole does not often exist”, the older generation of revolutionaries has a bright eye,Wisdom and talent, Discovered and cultivated successors for the new China, making the new China continue to grow and develop.If Wang Dongbao is Zhang Wannian’s nobleman, then Chen Geng is hisguide

But whether it is the opportunity given by Wang Dongbao or the recommendation by Chen Geng, it is actually inseparable from Zhang Wannian’s own efforts and determination. Withstood the test of all kinds of difficulties and dangers, walked all the way from the actual combat of bullets and bullets, and Zhang Wannian’s obsession with strategy and tactics, which made him a great military career!

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