If Twelve Xiaoqiang joins the Xiao organization, what is their reason?

In the anime Naruto, the Akatsuki organization can be said to be the most popular villain organization in the entire anime, but the members of the Akatsuki organization were also very poor people before joining the Akatsuki organization, so if Konoha joined the Akatsuki organization If the village’s twelve little strongmen, what would be their reasons for joining Xiao’s organization? Who among these people do you think should appear in the Akatsuki organization?

The first is Class 7. Naruto joined Akatsuki for no reason at all. He was regarded as a monster by the villagers in his childhood, and no one understood. These things had already planted the seeds of darkness in his heart. With the help of the rabbi, Naruto really couldn’t restrain his inner hatred. In fact, Naruto didn’t need any reason to join the Akatsuki organization.

Then there is Sasuke, who has a very happy family since he was a child, but overnight, only himself and his brother were left in the family, and the brother still killed the murderer of the family. After knowing the pressure on Uchiha Itachi, it is absolutely logical for Sasuke to join the Akatsuki organization for revenge.

In fact, in class 7, if Sakura joined Akatsuki’s organization, her reasons would be relatively insufficient, because compared with other people, Sakura might be much more ordinary, and she has never encountered any other people in her life. What happened to Naruto and Sasuke, if Sakura joined the Akatsuki organization, unless Konoha Village personally destroyed her family, or did something beyond her upper limit.

Then there is the tenth class. As the brain of the tenth class, Shikamaru is still a relatively rational person, but the sacrifice of the teacher is definitely the biggest pain in his heart, but this is not enough for Shikamaru to join the Akatsuki organization. On the whole I really can’t find a reason for Shikamaru to join the Akatsuki organization. After all, considering Shikamaru’s character, letting him stay at home and do nothing may be the happiest.

Yamanaka Ino and Shikamaru are the same, their families are very happy, and Ino himself doesn’t seem to care about anything other than Sasuke, so the reason why Ino joined the Akatsuki organization is probably that she should bear it. or suffer from psychological pressure all the year round like Kisame, otherwise, with Ino’s personality, he would not have left Konoha Village.

The thing that Choji Akimichi hates the most is that someone laughs at him as a fat man, so this word is also taboo in front of Choji, but if everyone laughs at him like this, it may really cause Choji Akimichi to go berserk, in fact, for Choji As far as people are concerned, there is another very important thing, that is the last piece of potato chips, which must not be snatched away.

Hinata from the eighth class, as a princess, has always liked Naruto in her heart, but this is definitely not the reason for her to betray Konoha Village. In fact, Hinata was also a crane tail ninja when she was a child, and she was regarded as a ninja by his father. Without talent, if such emotions turn into hatred in Hinata’s heart, she might really become the rebel of Konoha Village.

Inuzuka Kiba and Yume Shino, there is actually no special introduction for these two people, and in the anime, there is nothing that makes these two people angry, especially Yume Shino, he is as calm as Shikamaru, only But he is not good at words, and Inuzuka Ya is a very nervous person, and it is difficult to blacken him.

Xiao Li was not good at ninjutsu and illusion when he was a child, so he was very inferior when he was a child. If he hadn’t met Mai Tekai, maybe Xiao Li would be mediocre in his life. If Xiao Li can be blackened, then the reason for the blackening should be It was Maitkai’s sacrifice. In fact, for Xiao Li, the most important thing in the whole world is his teacher Maitkai.

Compared with other people, the possibility of blackening every day is even lower. For her, there is no reason for her to blacken. It’s a bit difficult, and Tian Tian’s personality is also very cheerful, basically there is no possibility of blackening.

Among the Twelve Little Powers, Neji Hyuga is likely to be blackened. In the early stage of the animation, Neji hated the Hyuga clan because of his father. If there were no caged birds, Neji might have already attacked the Hyuga clan. Well, if he hadn’t met Naruto, Neji’s heart would have been even more distorted.

The last thing I want to talk about is Sai, what Sai has faced since he was a child is Anbe’s training, and in the anime, Sai has to kill different opponents in a row to survive, and his last opponent is his brother, which is also It had a huge impact on Sai. If Sai joined the Akatsuki organization, it should be because he really couldn’t bear the pain caused by Gen.

In your opinion, if Konoha Twelve Xiaoqiang joins the Akatsuki organization, what is their reason?

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