Huilikang | How to save a big “red” face?

Big red face, although it is a simple three words, but it brings a lot of trouble.

It’s too easy to blush, it’s really not worrying at all, the cold wind blows in winter, the sun shines in summer, drinking some wine on the face, in short, whoever gets red is embarrassed.

Why is your face so “red”

So, where did the big red face come from?

Briefly speaking, there are two principles of formation:

The first is that the thickness of the skin becomes thinner due to damaged skin. In other words, too thin skin makes the skin fragile and sensitive;

The second type is due to the large distribution of red blood filaments.

Red blood streaks are caused by the damage of the spinous layer, the inability to provide nutrition smoothly, and the outward compensation of the blood vessels in the dermis.

Our epidermis has no blood vessels, so normal skin cannot see blood vessels. And there is a spinous layer in the epidermis, which is responsible for transporting nutrients to the entire epidermis.

When harmful substances invade the spinous layer of the epidermis, the cell function will be hindered, resulting in insufficient supply.

At this time, the blood vessels in the dermis will grow to the epidermis to replace the spinous layer to undertake the responsibility of transporting nutrients.

Whether it is the first or the second type, it shows that the skin barrier becomes thinner and more damaged.

And why does the skin become thinner?

Excessive wind and sun exposure, improper care methods, use of inferior skin care products, excessive addition of heavy metals, etc. will cause skin cells to be damaged and thinned, thus making the entire skin fragile.

Red face is not cured but “raised”

No matter whether you use medicine or laser, if the problem of skin barrier is not solved, the red face will definitely come and go again and again.

To completely solve the problem of red face, we must solve the problem of sensitive skin and red blood, that is, first, thicken the skin barrier, and second, restore the nutrient supply of the epidermis. These two points, in the final analysis, are actually the source of “repair cells”.

Therefore, the big “red” face can be recuperated from 4 aspects——

1 Stop Hurting Your Skin

Stop hurting your skin. When choosing skin care and cosmetics, pay attention to the ingredient list and avoid products with bad ingredients.

If you don’t know much about the ingredients, just choose a brand that has a good reputation and only chooses good ingredients.

2 gentle cleansing

Excessive cleaning will destroy the micro-ecological barrier on the skin surface, making the skin more damaged and thinner after washing, and losing its natural protection ability.

Therefore, avoid excessive cleansing of the skin to avoid excessive loss of skin’s natural oils. You can choose amino acid-based facial cleanser, and minimize the frequency of use of facial cleanser, and do not wash your face with overheated water.

3 Repair and thicken the barrier

To repair and thicken the skin barrier, it is necessary to increase the nutrition of the epidermis.

Therefore, in terms of skin care, you can choose some ingredients aimed at the repair of epidermal cells, such as the deep-sea sturgeon roe essence that cells love, argan tree kernel oil, anti-oxidant snow skin angel evening primrose, and moisturizing spirit Sodium hyaluronate etc.

By targetedly adding nutrition and water to the cells to restore their normal vitality, the nutrient supply of the epidermis is restored. On the one hand, the skin barrier is strong and no longer suffers from allergies, and on the other hand, blood vessels in the dermis are no longer needed Leapfrog compensation, so as to solve the problem of “red face” for a long time.

4 Adjust diet and work and rest

Taking more food or nutrients that can strengthen the blood vessel wall, such as grape seeds, can enhance the tolerance and resistance of the skin, and can improve the redness caused by external stimuli.

There are also citrus fruits, as well as cauliflower, asparagus and lettuce. These fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K, which can strengthen blood vessels and increase the elasticity of blood vessel walls.

In addition, work and rest regularly.

Frequent staying up late and overwork will prevent the skin cells from getting a good rest and recuperation, and regular work and rest can help the skin improve immunity, thereby helping to improve the big “red face”.

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