“Hua Rong” tonight’s member ending Ju Jingyi Guo Junchen III’s sadomasochism ends

Produced by iQiyi and jointly produced by Siba Film and Television, iQiyi Qiai Studio project, iQiyi Senior Vice President Dai Ying serves as the chief producer, directed by Huang Junwen, Chen Guohua, Hu Yijuan, starring Ju Jingyi and Guo Junchen , Liu Dongqin, Lu Tingyu, Ma Yue, Zhang Zhihao, SNH48-Song Xinran, Nie Zihao, SNH48-Jiang Shan, He Yichen, Huang Haibing, Jin Qiaoqiao, Kou Zhenhai, Lin Siyi starred in the 36-episode light ancient fairy tale drama “Hua Rong” on June 16 At 19:00 on the evening of the same day, iQiyi ushered in the end of the VIP membership.

“Hua Rong” is adapted from Lin Jiacheng’s original work “Misunderstanding of Longevity”. It tells the story of Wei Zhi (played by Ju Jingyi), the reincarnated heroine of the Phoenix, and Yan Yue (played by Guo Junchen), the male protagonist who is the sun god. The catastrophic fate of “Phoenix Nirvana will shake the Three Realms” will work together to rewrite the magnificent fairy tale of Heaven.

Fans of “Hua Rong” need to be reminded that VIP members of iQiyi will end at 19:00 tonight, and non-members of iQiyi will continue to transfer 1 episode for free at 19:00 every day. On July 5th, non-members will end, announcing the finale of the whole drama.

Ju Jingyi, Guo Junchen, Sadomasochism Sansei III, the whole drama has ups and downs and a wonderful ending

The heroine Wei Zhi played by Ju Jingyi is the reincarnation of the phoenix, while the hero Yan Yue played by Guo Junchen bears the mission of the sun god. Although the two have extraordinary identities, they still have to go through the tribulations of the three lives. After going through ups and downs, they finally come back at a huge price. With the strength of mind, break the catastrophic fate of “Phoenix Nirvana will shake the Three Realms”. The frown, smile, love and killing of the two leading actors run through the story of the whole play, firmly grasping the audience.

At the same time, Liu Dongqin played “Great Senior”, Lu Tingyu played “Yi’er”, Ma Yue played “Peacock” Wei Lingyue, Zhang Zhihao played “Eurasia”, SNH48 Song Xinran played “Lan Su”, SNH48- “Wei Jingyue” and other roles played by Jiang Shan also left a deep impression on people with their distinctive personalities and performances.

What’s more worth mentioning is that Huang Haibing, Jin Qiaoqiao, Kou Zhenhai and other senior senior actors, also rely on years of performance experience and professionalism to excellently create dramas such as “Emperor of Heaven”, “Queen of Heaven” and “Dean Jingxiu”. important role in.

It can be said that it is the vivid performances of a group of actors that have made thousands of drama fans “get into the pit in a second” and “follow the drama”. “Word of mouth and response.

Xianxia CP III sadomasochism jerks people to tears topic hot word-of-mouth harvest across the board

Since its broadcast on June 1, “Hua Rong” has been popular all over the Internet with its sweet and cruel plot, fresh and eye-catching high-value lineup, and its “light, fresh and light” fairy-tale texture. During the broadcast period of this drama, it was crazily searched 1000 times on the whole network. The overall popularity, entertainment topics, and audience reputation have no shortcomings.

On various online platforms, “Hua Rong” has achieved quite impressive results. On iQiyi, the show’s exclusive broadcast platform on the entire network, “Hua Rong” topped the general list and the TV series list for many consecutive days, and won multiple titles such as “Hot Broadcasting List”, “Surging Ranking” and “Hot Searching List” The champion even set a content popularity index as high as 8741.

On the Weibo platform, in addition to the topic #花荣#, which is the main topic of the drama series, has always maintained a super high popularity, #花荣婚礼婚婚礼# won the top 1 in the Weibo hot search list, #网剧花荣#, #第一时见在仙侠剧去加土草仙的神仙#, #菲静耀花荣同住# and other topics also won many hot search lists and entertainment topic lists. As of the end, the Weibo main topic #花荣# had more than 4.28 billion views and more than 7.65 million discussions, and many fans of the drama “tap water” called out their voices.

On the short video platform, “Hua Rong” has also sunk in many circles, #花荣护妻名白相#, #用论论号开花荣#, #花荣喜欢好看的呵# and other Douyin topics triggered Hot discussion, not only won the weekly champion of Douyin drama series hot list, but also the main topic of Douyin has 2.305 billion views, related Douyin received 13.84 million likes, and 57 popular videos with 1 million likes & 100,000 likes…

On Maoyan, De Tawen, Guduo, Dengta, Kuyun and other major authoritative TV drama data statistics platforms, “Hua Rong” also won the championship for many consecutive days during its broadcast. In addition to being the champion of Maoyan’s online drama popularity list for a time, it also won TOP1 in Maoyan’s online drama popularity list for 14 consecutive days, which is an enviable record.

What’s even more icing on the cake is that in addition to mainland China, “Hua Rong” has also made a strong landing on iQIYI’s overseas stations, and has won awards in the United States, Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and other regions. The outstanding record of TOP1 of the feature film VV station.

It is reported that “Hua Rong” will end at iQIYI VIP members at 19:00 on the evening of June 16th. Non-members of iQIYI will continue to transfer 1 episode for free at 19:00 every day, and continue to update continuously. On July 5th, the whole drama “Member, Non-Member” will come to an end, ushering in a successful conclusion.

I am grateful to the audience for accompanying “Hua Rong” through a warm journey in the early summer of 2023. Although we are leaving for now, more memories and interactions belonging to “Hua Rong” are still continuing. I hope to remember this extraordinary journey of fairy tales together. trip.


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