Hu Zhenmin wrote an inscription for Ningxia Plum Kiss Wine

Recently, Hu Zhenmin, former secretary of the party group and secretary of the Secretariat of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, wrote an inscription for Ningxia Meizhikis wine.

Ningxia’s “Plum Kiss” wine won the gold medal in the 12th Asian Wine Quality Competition in 2021, and in 2022, it was successfully shortlisted for the CCTV China Shopping Channel’s “Domestic Goods” column for its excellent quality. It will appear at the Boao Forum for Chinese Entrepreneurs in 2022, and won unanimous praise from the participants. Ningxia “Mei Zhi Kiss” wine won the “China Wine Industry Huaxia Award 2021 Most Valuable Brand” and “China Wine Industry Huaxia Award 2021 Most Innovative Value” by virtue of its excellent product quality and relying on the advantages of the wine industry at the eastern foot of Helan Mountain in Ningxia, China The two awards of “Brand” have been fully affirmed by the industry in terms of innovation ability and growth value. In order to solve the temperature control of red wine in long-distance transportation, we developed a portable red wine insulation bag and obtained two national patents! The “Plum Kiss” wine was also praised and recommended by former French President Hollande at the Sino-French Cultural Exchange Conference held in Macau in 2023. Liu Shuiping, the founder of “Plum Kiss” wine, and “Plum Kiss” wine were invited to participate in the 2023 World Brand Moganshan Conference, and delivered a keynote speech “Building a brand can create a better tomorrow for the company”! “Mei Zhi Kiss” wine insists on speaking with quality, builds brand image with heart, and is determined to promote Ningxia wine to all over the world, so that Chinese and foreign wine lovers can associate with romance and happiness.

Ningxia “Mei Zhi Kiss” wine has been continuously awarded the 2021 First China Great Health Industry Summit Forum; the designated red wine for the two dinners of the 2022 Second China Great Health Industry Summit Forum was rated as the most growing by the Organizing Committee of the China Industrial Internet Wine Brand Culture Festival Top ten wine brands, the most romantic wine brand in China.

In 2021, Ningxia “Plum Kiss” wine teamed up with the famous singer Mr. Rao Tianliang to create the Plum Kiss brand song “The Legend of Plum Kiss”, which was widely reported by People’s Daily Online, Ningxia News Network and other media. It is launched on major music platforms and KTV song-demanding platforms, allowing Chinese people to appreciate the elegance of Jiangnan in the Great Wall through singing. In 2022, Ningxia Plum Kiss Wine joins hands with “Chinese Poetry World” to narrate poetry and wine love stories, and opens a column called “Plum Kiss” to call for contributions. All the big names in the poetry world are actively creating, and enthusiastic submissions have been received from big names in the poetry world from all over the country. There are hundreds of poems in “The Kiss of Plum”. Ningxia “Plum Kiss” Wine Association always insists on innovation, actively builds the brand reputation, and strives to make the wines of Ningxia, China fragrant all over the world!

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