How to install the color changeable glass partition

The installation of color-changing glass partition generally needs to follow the following steps:

1. Prepare tools and materials: Prepare the required tools according to the installation requirements, such as electric drills, screwdrivers, etc. Also make sure you have purchased the correct size and type of stainable glass partitions.

2. Clean up the installation area: Make sure the installation area is clean and remove any obstructions or dust.

3. Measure and mark according to the design requirements: use measuring tools to accurately measure the size of the installation area, and mark the position of the partition according to the design requirements.

4. Install the track or frame: According to the design requirements, install the track or frame required for the color-changing glass partition. Make sure the installation is flat and firm.

5. Install the tinting glass: Carefully place the tinting glass panel into the mounting frame. Depending on the situation, it may be necessary to secure the pane of glass in the frame with screws or other fasteners.

6. Connect the power supply (for motorized tinted glass): If you are installing a motorized tinted glass partition, make sure the power supply and switch are properly connected.

7. Adjust and Test: Once installed, ensure that the partition is functioning properly. Make necessary adjustments and tests if necessary.

Note that the above steps are general guidelines only, and specific installation steps may vary depending on partition type, manufacturer requirements, and design requirements. To ensure safe and proper installation, please refer to the partition’s installation instructions or seek professional advice.

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