How to book tickets for Zhang Xinzhe’s concert in Chengdu

Zhang Xinzhe, a charming singer, will bring his classic songs and latest music works in this concert, so that the audience can feel the charm of music and the power of emotion. This time, let us come to the scene of Zhang Xinzhe’s Chengdu concert and feel the charm of his music!

Zhang Xinzhe Chengdu Concert Information

Zhang Xinzhe Chengdu concert time: 2023-11-11 Saturday 19:30

Zhang Xinzhe Chengdu Concert Venue: Chengdu Dong’an Lake Sports Park Main Stadium

Zhang Xinzhe Chengdu concert ticket price: ¥399/599/799/1099/1399

Zhang Xinzhe, as one of the representatives of the Chinese music scene, entered the public’s field of vision with his unique voice and excellent singing ability as early as the 1990s, and was deeply loved by music fans. His songs are full of emotion and power, and each song can touch the heart. This Chengdu concert will be a rare opportunity for music fans to experience Zhang Xinzhe’s musical charm up close.

In the concert, Zhang Xinzhe will sing some of his classic songs, such as “Love is just one word”, “Love is like a tide”, etc. These songs are still loved by music fans. In addition, Zhang Xinzhe will also bring some new music works to the audience, so that everyone can feel the new direction and new highlights of his music creation.

In addition to wonderful music performances, the concert will also present a variety of wonderful performances. The audience will appreciate the immersive visual effects and shocking stage performances, making the whole performance more exciting. I believe this performance will become an unforgettable music event for Chengdu music fans.

If you are a loyal fan of Zhang Xinzhe, or an audience who is passionate about music performances, then don’t miss this rare concert. Act now, let us experience Zhang Xinzhe’s moving voice and shocking live performance together. Zhang Xinzhe’s Chengdu concert will definitely bring the audience an ultimate music enjoyment.

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