How outrageous is the original work of Peerless Tangmen?

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This time, let’s talk about the novel “Peerless Tang Men” by the third young master of the Tang family. The second season of the animation is currently on the air. However, many friends are not optimistic about this one. Everyone knows that the third young master of the Tang family started his career by brushing aside and writing novels The content even destroys the Three Views, so why is Huo Yuhao in the Peerless Tang Sect so annoying? Check it out with me next time. #Hi animator#

First of all, Huo Yuhao was born to Huo Yun’er, that is, Dai Hao’s illegitimate son. His biological father didn’t know Huo Yuhao’s existence. In order to avenge his mother, he had no choice but to embark on the road to the Star Dou Forest. In order to make himself stronger, Huo Yuhao’s cheating The road is also very outrageous, as soon as he stepped into the Star Dou Forest, he encountered the million-year-old soul beast Tianmeng Iceworm.

The plug-in and Tang San are on the same level. On the surface, this is a cool novel, but the scale of the content in the original work is still surprising even if it is put into the present.

Huo Yuhao met Ma Xiaotao when he was 12 years old. After watching the official modeling of Ma Xiaotao, the comment section said that this was Huo Yuhao’s life instructor. At that time, he didn’t understand what it meant. Some people said that Ma Xiaotao did not have manga in animation. In fact, I think Ma Xiaotao in this animation is quite good-looking.

Then again, the fate between Ma Xiaotao and Huo Yuhao is hard to say, the age gap between the two of them is a bit big, at that time in order to suppress the evil fire, I had to rely on Huo Yuhao’s help, of course, after all, Huo Yuhao was only 12 years old at that time, for an adult Ma Xiaotao Speaking of it, doing this kind of thing with him is really hard to do, and suppressing the evil fire can only let Huo Yuhao take advantage of it and eat tofu. After waking up, Ma Xiaotao doesn’t blame Huo Yuhao, just saying that Huo Yuhao is too young, so take it as nothing Do not know at all.

The third young master of the Tang family has also written a lot of similar plots. For example, Jiang Nannan, the first beauty, also has a story. An innocent girl to complete the martial soul awakening?

The second part is indeed not as popular as the first one. Of course, Xuanji Technology has also improved a lot in the modeling and special effects technology in these years. You can see the high technology in the Peerless Tangmen animation, although frame drops are often found, But the overall picture quality is still good.

I don’t know if my friends know any eye-popping plots in the original book. Is Huo Yuhao really a scumbag? I heard that his relationship with Juzi is also very complicated. He said that he likes Tang Wutong, but he did not reject Juzi’s courtship. In the end, Juzi succeeded in having Huo Yuhao’s child, but Huo Yuhao didn’t know that this child existed , Isn’t this just following his father’s old path?

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