How did Wen Jiang, the daughter of Duke Xi of Qi, directly or indirectly change the fate of Qi, Lu, and Zheng?

Because Zhou Li stipulated that “no marriage with the same surname” and other reasons, the main wives of the princes in the Spring and Autumn Period were basically the women of the princes with different surnames. Because of this, the wives of many vassals in the Spring and Autumn Period could influence multiple vassals including the husband’s family. For example, the daughter of Duke Xi of Qi directly or indirectly changed the fate of Qi, Lu, and Zheng. What’s going on here? This ghost talks about the family.

Duke Xi of Qi, the thirteenth king of Qi with the surname Jiang, had a daughter, who was generally called “Wen Jiang” by later generations. According to historical records, there was a “German orthopedics” between Wen Jiang and his half-brother Zhuer (Qi Xianggong), which was also considered one of the landmark events of the Spring and Autumn Period. However, “German Orthopedics” cannot marry after all, Qi Xigong still has to find a husband for Wen Jiang according to Zhou etiquette.

Duke Xi of Qi initially wanted to marry Wen Jiang to Prince Hu of Zheng Zhuanggong’s “Xiaoba”, but Prince Hu refused to marry Wen Jiang on the grounds that “Qi Da is not a spouse”. After the death of Zheng Zhuanggong, the prince suddenly succeeded to the throne as Zheng Zhaogong. As a result, civil strife broke out in the state of Zheng. Zheng Zhaogong first went into exile and was finally killed by his ministers. Many people in later generations felt that if Zheng Zhaogong and Wen Jiang got married, they might be able to use the power of Qi to quell civil strife.

The marriage with Zheng Guo failed, Qi Xigong finally married Wen Jiang to Lu Huangong, the king of Lu. In the 22nd year of King Huan of Zhou (698 BC), Duke Xi of Qi passed away, and was succeeded by the sons of Wen Jiang’s “Orthopedics” as Duke Xiang of Qi. After Qi Xianggong succeeded to the throne, he never forgot his sister Wen Jiang. In the third year of King Zhouzhuang (694 BC), Duke Xiang of Qi invited Duke Huan of Lu and his wife to visit Qi State, taking the opportunity to relive old dreams with Wen Jiang.

The improper relationship between Duke Xiang of Qi and Wen Jiang aroused strong dissatisfaction with Duke Huan of Lu, and he scolded Wen Jiang in a rage. Duke Huan of Lu’s move angered Duke Xiang of Qi and sent someone to assassinate Duke Huan of Lu. After the death of Duke Huan of Lu, Wen Jiang’s son Tong succeeded to the throne as Duke Zhuang of Lu. Because of his father’s sudden death and his mother’s scandal, Duke Lu Zhuang’s status was not very stable, which laid the groundwork for the later “Sanhuan” dictatorship.

And Qi Xianggong’s absurd behavior also aroused criticism within Qi State, and became the fuse of the intensification of internal contradictions in Qi State. In the eleventh year of King Zhouzhuang (686 BC), civil strife broke out in Qi State, and Qi Xianggong was killed by rebels. Because Qi Xianggong’s absurd behavior made his son unable to succeed to the throne, the state of Qi elected a new monarch from among Qi Xianggong’s younger brothers.

Generally speaking, Wen Jiang’s marriage first indirectly led to the civil strife and decline of Zheng State, and then directly led to the loss of power of the Lu State monarch and the rise of “Three Huan”, and finally indirectly caused Qi civil strife, which created a great opportunity for Duke Huan of Qi to succeed to the throne. condition. It can be said that Wen Jiang, the daughter of Duke Xi of Qi, directly or indirectly changed the fate of Qi, Lu, and Zheng.

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