Hot comment on the movie “The Missing She”: Insincere and full of flaws, it is a real suspenseful bad movie of the year

#热评迷失的她# In fact, I went to see this movie with relatively high expectations. After all, Chen Sicheng’s “Tang Tan” series has received relatively high praise in the form of building a detective metaverse and relatively good suspense effects. Evaluation, but when I actually walked into the cinema and watched this movie, I was really disappointed, and could even be labeled as a bad movie.

The follow-up content contains spoilers, so friends who have not watched the movie are advised to read carefully.

The most difficult thing for the author to accept is that the development of the plot is too much for people to guess. After all, the audience watching the cliff movie will first watch the movie with a super high degree of seriousness that tries not to omit the details, but the movie starts at the beginning. The lighthouse was emphasized in the TV broadcast, and the lighthouse appeared many times in the follow-up. From the beginning, people realized that the lighthouse must be a key location. In the end, the place where the wife’s body was buried was under the lighthouse. Oops, there is no joy in watching a suspense movie and guessing a certain key information.

And Shen Man, who is his wife Li Muzi’s best friend, also appeared outrageously. He just showed up on TV, and immediately came into contact with this drama director pretending to be a gold medal lawyer on the billiard table in the bar? Excuse me, it makes people feel that Shen Man deliberately approached our big scumbag He Fei, right? So the only one in the whole play who can be in touch with the missing wife is the girlfriend director Shen Man, right?

He Fei’s relatively down-and-out image and the conflict of being suddenly named a wealthy businessman in the middle can easily make people think of He Fei as a man with soft rice. In fact, no matter whether He Fei gambles or not, people can quickly think of him as He Fei kills his wife to ask for money. And another point that makes the author feel even worse is that He Fei didn’t even show any concern about his wife’s whereabouts from the beginning to the end. Almost the whole time he just wanted to deny that the fake wife played by Wen Yongshan was not Li Muzi. This point was actually exposed very early. Chu He Fei knew that Li Muzi would never appear.

Coupled with the countless BUGs in the play, even if it is not true, it really makes people feel that this kind of movie is not even as meticulous as many online movies.

As for the promotion of the movie, I personally feel that it is very good. After all, such a bad movie will be watched by the author who has not been in the theater for many years. It is a difficult problem to be rescued from the emotional collapse, but fortunately there is no problem. Before entering the movie theater, it has been clearly stated that He Fei must be a fighter among scumbags.

The great stamina is mainly due to the fact that in the last part He Fei took Li Muzi to see the starry sky under the sea and resolutely abandoned his wife in the sea, but the wife wanted to use the child’s photo of Renchen to persuade He Fei to change his past. He Fei was given countless opportunities in the play, but he still didn’t give up cruelly, which really made people angry and pitiful.

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