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Negative emotions are unavoidable in life. If we don’t deal with them well, they often affect our work, life and feelings. We are often influenced by negative emotions and manifest as “mourning”. We feel very sad and hopeless every day. Do you know how to deal with and regulate negative emotions?

negative emotional expression

Shake hands passively when meeting for the first time, keep too far away when contacting, pay little attention to listening to the other party’s conversation, and do other things absent-mindedly when the other party is talking; mutual suspicion during conversation, and prevention is more than understanding and understanding. The level of expression is divided into physiological expression, external expression (facial expression, posture expression, intonation expression), psychological expression.

1. Worry: loss or lack of appetite, sleep disturbance, amenorrhea, etc. Depressive episodes are common in depressive disorders and can also be seen in other mental disorders.

2. Sadness: According to the degree of sadness, it can also be divided into regret, disappointment, sadness, sadness, and extreme grief. Contains emotional experiences such as depression, disappointment, discouragement, demoralization, loneliness, and isolation.

3. Anger: Aggression, emotional withdrawal, passive-aggression.

4. Nervous: at a loss, vision is uncertain, ears are blushing, and palms are sweaty.

5. Anxiety: palpitation, chest tightness, shortness of breath, precordial discomfort or pain, rapid heartbeat, general fatigue, decreased ability to live and work, simple daily housework becomes difficult and incompetent, etc.

6. Fears: claustrophobia, agoraphobia, social phobia.

How to manage negative attitude

learn to talk

When we are depressed, don’t try to let yourself be alone, let yourself indulge in low emotions, and nurse your wounds alone, but communicate with friends more, try to ask your friends to support you and encourage you , to enlighten you, to vent and release all your bad emotions, instead of being bored in your heart alone.

cultivate interest

When we do something we are interested in, we will feel very happy and happy. But when we are depressed, we will find many things that we were interested in before, but now we are no longer interested, but you have to know that no matter when, we will have things that interest us, as long as you cultivate and discover , then you will find your interest.

positive attitude

When we are in a state of depression, we need a positive attitude, think from the positive side, think from the possible success side, and take active actions to do it. That is, possibility thinking, positive thinking, qualitative thinking, mainly in terms of doing things. In addition, a positive attitude is also a kind of attitude towards life, and it is necessary to treat everything in life as a process of enjoyment.

A positive attitude is an active attitude towards life, with sufficient control over everything, reflecting a person’s mind and courage. At the same time, a positive attitude will infect people and give people strength.

exercise more

Exercise helps reduce stress and can be hugely beneficial for both the mind and body. Although depression will affect the motivation and physical strength to exercise, people don’t want to move, just want to sit and stay quietly, but the more you don’t want to move, the more you should move.

Even a little exercise can help you a lot. Exercise can prevent the onset of depression and help build strength. It also elevates mood relatively quickly and buffers depression for a short time.

sleep relax

Experts from the American Psychological Association believe that only with strong energy can we resist the invasion of stress, and sleep is an important guarantee. If external noise makes it difficult for you to fall asleep, then artificially create some “white noise”, such as keeping the TV Turn it on quietly to drown out annoying noises, and have a light snack before bed so you don’t wake up hungry at night.

If you are still thinking about something after going to bed, then put a tape recorder, notepad or something next to the bed, so that you can record what you think of immediately, without worrying that you will forget it when you wake up the next day.

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