Gundam Seed Theatrical Edition Producer Interview and Some Details Summary I admire the courage of this villain

The long-awaited preview and news of the theatrical version of Gundam Seed has finally been made public, and this time it brings the content of the interview with the core producer, as well as some details in the preview, and this time we will also talk about it in detail , I have to say that I admire the villain’s courage this time.

Most of the interviews were polite, and there was nothing to say. Fukuda felt that 20 years have passed in a flash, and the staff involved in the production have also undergone great changes. Many of the people involved in the production were newcomers. The transition to 3D digital production methods and the continuous exploration of new forms of expression are nostalgic for the old staff.

The theatrical version of Gundam SEED this time is clearly a brand new sequel to the previous TV series “Gundam SEED DESTINY” (see further explanation for the timeline after 2 years), and this production must ensure the original royal style , This is the most important thing, but this time it is the integration of new and old employees’ technologies, taking advantage of the advantages of analog production, and at the same time producing a brand new “Gundam SEED” in accordance with the requirements of the times.

Judging from the details of the preview, Kira is still the core hero of the theatrical version this time, and he has also changed into a new driving suit, which is quite handsome. The body must be brand new, but nothing has been revealed. The wolf and the bird must be supporting roles. This one is gone. In contrast, the wolf seems to be marginalized again. It is estimated that many fans would like to see Aslan and Cagalli have a good ending. I guess Not much hope.

So the most curious thing for fans has appeared. It has been CE75 years. In the past two years, it seems that Lux and Kira have made a professional organization again, which is equivalent to Zaftoob, as well as wolves and birds. , so who is the hostile one? Either fight the aliens or the whole Earth Alliance will make trouble together, otherwise there is really nothing to fight. I admire the courage of this villain very much. I really have enough.

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