Guangzhou Ximei Biology|Why does the chin frequently have “hard acne”? You will know after reading it!

Guangzhou Ximei Biological | Why does the chin frequently have “hard acne”? You will know after reading it!

As the temperature rises, oil secretion enters an active mode, and oily, closed mouth, and acne problems occur frequently, especially on the chin.Seeing this, many people may be puzzled by the picture: “I have been diligent in skin care and eating a light diet every day, why do I still have acne on my chin?” Repeated acne breakouts on the chin may be self-examination from the following aspects

01 Cleaning is not in place

The sebaceous glands of the chin area are abundant, and there is a lot of oil in summer. If the usual cleaning is not done properly, it is easy to cause oil accumulation, which will clog pores over time, resulting in acne. In addition, if the pillowcases, towels, makeup sponges, makeup brushes and other items that the chin often touches are not cleaned or dirty, they are prone to breed bacteria and cause acne.


1. Do a good job of daily cleaning, reduce the accumulation of keratin, and bid farewell to annoying greasy acne.

2. Wash the makeup tools in time after use, and put them in a ventilated place to dry after cleaning.

3. Wash pillowcases and towels regularly, and dry them clean.

02 Excessive skin care

I also mentioned earlier that the sebaceous glands in the chin area are more developed and secrete a lot of oil. If you use too thick or over-applied moisturizing products in summer, it will easily cause the skin not to absorb and cause acne problems. In fact, using too many bottles and cans will put a lot of pressure on the skin. It is very important to learn to reduce the burden on the skin in summer.


1. In summer, the skin is oily, so it is recommended to choose skin care products with light texture and non-sticky texture.

2. Reduce the layering of moisturizing products on the chin area with a lot of oil, and reduce the complicated skin care steps.

3. Try to avoid using various powder cosmetics to reduce skin irritation.

03 Fluoride toothpaste

The fluoride, surfactants, and menthol in toothpaste leave a residue on the chin that can cause breakouts.


It is recommended to brush your teeth before washing your face. When washing your face, pay attention to whether there is any toothpaste left on your chin.

04 menstrual period

Before the onset of menstruation, some girls will experience excessive oil secretion due to the rise of male hormones in the body, so they will have acne on the chin. Hormone fluctuations before menstruation have different specific impacts and degrees on each person. This is a normal physiological phenomenon. Don’t worry too much about it. This kind of acne will disappear after menstruation ends.


During this period, doing a good job in skin care, adjusting emotions, and developing good living habits can effectively reduce the occurrence of acne.

05Eating problems

Regularly eating spicy, fried, and high-sugar foods will stimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil and aggravate acne inflammation.


Eat a healthy diet with as little sugar, less spicy, less oil as possible, reduce the intake of high-sugar foods and dairy products, take in more dietary fiber and fresh fruits and vegetables daily, drink plenty of water, and accelerate skin metabolism.

06 Endocrine problems

The constant acne on the chin, accompanied by irregular menstrual periods and excessive body hair, is likely to be caused by endocrine problems.


It is recommended to see a doctor to check the relevant hormone levels to rule out endocrine problems. If diagnosed as endocrine disorders, then you need to actively cooperate with treatment.Acne persists for a long time or recurs, you can go to Qingyantang to receive professional and scientific anti-acne care, improve the skin condition of acne muscles, and maintain healthy and good skin

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