Good Dog’s Delight – Homemade Meatballs

Author: Xiaoai does not eat fat

My dog ​​is very delicious, so I often make him some delicious food in different ways. I usually only have time on weekends, so I give dogs homemade chicken breasts for two days on weekends. I eat dog food when I am too busy from Monday to Friday~ Because I only eat them on weekends, I didn’t make some ratios.

First of all, let’s prepare chicken breast and vegetables that dogs can eat, because summer is coming, it is hotter, and it is also a season that is easy to get angry. I will prepare some more intimate vegetables, such as: cucumber, bitter melon (if the dog does not like it) If you eat bitter gourd, you can prepare loofah, lotus root, winter melon, etc…)

We can grind the chicken breast and vegetables together in the meat grinder, or they can be separated, because my meat grinder is relatively small and can’t hold so much, so it is ground separately.

After crushing, mix them up with chopsticks or hands. My ratio is 1:1 between meat and vegetables, because it is not particularly accurate for indulgent meals on weekends. If you are making homemade dog food, you can refer to it Precise ratio, add some offal, we will eat some offal in two months, but eating too much offal is not good for dogs~

After grasping it evenly, squeeze it into a ball with your hands, and steam it in a pan~ I steamed it for 15 minutes and it was cooked, because a ball I made was 50g, and it cooked faster. The ball after steaming , I feel that there is not a lot of moisture, and it is not so Q-bomb.

If you are not sure if it is cooked or not, we can cut it open and look inside.

Later, I switched to boiled water. I personally think that boiled water is much better. Not only does it cook much faster, but also it takes 30 seconds to throw it into shape, and you don’t have to worry about it falling apart. It takes 10 minutes to cook, and it’s easy to squeeze Very Q bomb. After cooking, we can scoop it into a bowl, wait for it to cool, then put the balls in a fresh-keeping bag, and put them in the refrigerator. When you want to eat next time, steam them for 5 minutes and eat them directly!Very convenient

When we eat it, we steam it for five minutes, after it is hot, we crush the meatballs, add some vegetables, fruits, I add cauliflower and pear puree on top, add a little beetroot, carrots Granules and Shuhua milk that dogs can drink are delicious! !

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