Fujian Sanming wood grain lacquer master tells you the construction process of Sanming wood grain lacquer

The master of Fujian Sanming wood grain paint tells you the construction process of Sanming wood grain paint:

Sanming is a small town full of local customs, as sung in a folk song: the clear Shaxi River flows with the ancient souls of the people in the mountains. Yes, people here come from all over the world, they are simple, kind and hospitable. The application of Sanming wood grain paint in garden landscape scenic spots also contributes its own strength to Sanming, a small city with amorous feelings.

Sanming wood grain paint construction

The construction steps of Sanming wood grain paint are roughly divided into three steps, primer + top coat + wood grain. In fact, it looks very simple, but there is still a way to operate it. Regarding the primer, whether it is a steel structure, galvanized pipe or cement wall, the base layer must be flat and free of cracks before the primer for wood grain paint can be started. In addition, if it is stainless steel, you need to polish the surface with sandpaper first, then brush the interface agent again, and then do the wood grain paint. In the case of primer, there is no requirement, as long as it covers the base layer evenly. If it is a small area, you can roll the wood grain paint primer. But if it is a large area, it is still faster to spray.

Sanming wood grain paint

Regarding the topcoat, it is very important that the topcoat should not wait for it to dry completely. After the topcoat is painted, use tools to pull the wood grain immediately. If the topcoat is dry, it will be very laborious to pull the wood grain, and the effect Not good. Therefore, the topcoat measurement should be done by hand. Of course, if you do enough manual work, spraying in the front and several workers in the back will do it together. If you can catch up, you can also spray.

Sanming Wood Grain Lacquer Process

Blossoming lotus pods are full of lotus fields, waiting for the pretty Hakka lotus pickers to pick them. It’s all the sounds of nature. A mountain spring, a tree, a flower. The wood-like porch frames, flower stands, and signboards after the construction of Sanming wood grain paint are all adding strength to the beauty of the garden landscape with their own charm.

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