France tour amidst turmoil: flight and hotel bookings drop slightly, but tourists still register for groups

The unrest in France has not subsided, however, the resulting negative impact on tourism seems to be gradually weakening.

On July 3, the reporter learned from a number of online travel platforms that since the French riots, there have been almost no cancellations of air tickets and hotel reservations to France. Last weekend (June 30-July 2) bookings for air tickets and hotels to France dropped slightly month-on-month, but the rate of decline was not obvious.

Registered tourists will ask a few more questions

Insiders of several online travel platforms told reporters that because international travel products often take a long time from booking to travel, the data on international bookings does not reflect the impact on the current time. For example, the departure time of the air tickets and hotels booked now may be after September.

In terms of unsubscribing, some industry insiders said: “For example, the European air tickets booked before are more expensive, and now there is no ‘non-destructive unsubscribing’ policy like during the epidemic, tourists may not be willing to refund, because There could be a lot to lose.”

On the same day, a travel agency received a local time video on July 2 in France, saying that the city of Paris during the day was “quiet, quiet and peaceful”.

The person in charge of a large travel agency in Shanghai also told that there is currently a group traveling in France. After confirming with the leader of the group who is leading the group in Paris, France, the group departed on June 26, and the itinerary is normal. At present, the scenic spots and restaurants in Paris are also operating normally. , the mood of tourists is also very peaceful.

It was found on social platforms that some self-driving tourists said: “We just came out of Paris, don’t be too nervous, it’s okay.”

There is also a tourism practitioner who claims to have lived in Paris for 15 years and gave advice in a note: “Play casually during the day, go back to the hotel after dinner and not stay.”

At the same time, many tourists still seem to have “confidence” in France.

The above-mentioned person in charge of a large travel agency in Shanghai told reporters that in the past few days, there have been occasional tourists asking about safety issues in France. After communication, the tourists said that they would travel to France as planned;

Another insider of a travel agency in Guangdong Province also told reporters: “I haven’t seen the impact for the time being. Recently, there have been tourists who have reported to the next group. At present, there are no tourists who have quit the group. Those who are preparing to report will ask a few more questions.”

The travel agency involved: bear all the cost of the new itinerary

It is worth mentioning that it is understood that during the trip in Marseille, the bus window was smashed and several people were slightly injured. The tour group was the Faruiyi 13th team of Shanghai Panorama Travel Agency (Panorama Travel) (41 1).

It is understood that after the incident, the overseas team leader of Panorama Travel led the tourists out of the dangerous area in time, and at the same time called the police immediately and asked about the injuries of the guests, and safely transported the whole group of guests to the local hotel for a rest. The team leader promptly contacted the Chinese embassy in Marseille and the Chinese embassy in France for help that night. Early the next morning, the team leader went to the local police station to report the incident and made detailed records. After a unified discussion by the whole group of tourists, it was decided to give up all tours in France and depart for Switzerland on the afternoon of the 30th.

It is understood that Shanghai Panorama Travel Agency is a subsidiary of Zhongxin Tourism Group Co., Ltd. On the same day, an insider of Zhongxin Tourism told the reporter that for the tour group, the current plan is that the tourists’ new itinerary in Switzerland will be borne by the travel agency, and the original itinerary that did not go to France will be borne by the travel agency regardless of whether it can be recovered. It is currently estimated that the cost of the newly added Swiss itinerary will exceed 200 Euros per person.

However, it is worth noting that on July 3, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin pointed out at a regular press conference: “We once again remind Chinese citizens in France to pay close attention to the local security situation, go out cautiously, and stay away from demonstrations and violent conflict areas. , Strengthen security precautions, if you encounter an accident, please report to the police and contact the Chinese embassy or consulate in France for help.”

According to the report, according to statistics from the French Ministry of the Interior, as of 23:30 on July 2, the police arrested 49 people across the country that night. Compared with the previous few days, the level of riots has dropped significantly, and many cities have returned to calm at night. From the evening of the 2nd until the early morning of the 3rd, only the police and pedestrians in charge of security were seen on the Champs Elysees Avenue in Paris, but no demonstrators were seen, and the street atmosphere was calm.

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