“First Dream”: Fan Weiqi’s inspirational song, inspiring and full of positive energy

“The First Dream” is a song sung by Fan Weiqi. This song has been recognized and listened to by more people after it was played. The reason why many young people like to listen to this song is because the melody is quite unique, and the meaning of the lyrics is also very good. This is an inspirational song. In the process of listening to this song, there is a lot of positive energy. This song was written by Yao Ruolong. It was released on May 7, 2004, and the play rate is relatively high.

The song “First Dream” is a cover of the theme song of a Japanese drama, that is “Riding on the Back of a Silver Dragon”. The melody and lyrics of this song are quite unique. When Fan Weiqi heard it, she had an idea to sing a cover of this song. After Fan Weiqi heard this theme song, she felt that this was her favorite style, and she had full confidence that after she sang the cover of this song, there would definitely be a good response. When preparing to cover this song, Fan Weiqi put in a lot of effort. She first negotiated the copyright with the record company, and then found a lyricist and composer, and sang in her favorite style with her real voice.

After making all the preparations, Fan Weiqi was ready to start recording, but when she first entered the recording studio, she felt that it was very difficult to cover this song. She felt that her voice and melody were completely different from what she imagined. After many recordings, there was a dispute with the producer. She also closed herself in a room and kept introspecting. Fan Weiqi believed that if she wanted to sing this song well, she needed to express her true emotions and sing from her heart.

After a series of reconciliations in Fan Weiqi’s heart, the recording was finally completed successfully. The song “First Dream” is inspiring and I want to tell more people that as long as you have a dream in your life, it will change your life. Everyone needs to work hard for their dreams, and the first dreams will come.

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