Erlang God’s Third Eye

We all know! The third eye is standard equipment of Erlang Shen.

Every Chinese knows that the indispensable labels on Erlang God are the labels of “three eyes”, “three-pointed double-edged sword” and “shouting dog”. However, when Mouyin was teasing others today, he exploded! The “Three Eyes” of Erlang God can’t find the source!

The cause of the incident was a guy who claimed to be familiar with the four great classics and answered every question he had. So there was the question “Is the third eye of Erlang Shen a double eyelid or a single eyelid?” The guy’s answer was that he had never seen Erlang’s third eye blink, so his third eye has no eyelids. ——There is a bug here. From the guy’s answer, it can be seen that this guy is definitely not “familiar with” paper books, but may just “familiarly watch” TV dramas. Otherwise, how can you say that you have never seen Erlang God blink? ——Just as the big guys were discussing whether Erlang God’s third eye had blinked or when it had been closed, a fellow suddenly said quietly: “Journey to the West” does not say that Erlang God has a third eye .

This is incredible! How could Erlang God not have a third eye? Based on the principle of having some evidence to say something, I curiously found out “Journey to the West” and prepared to start a fight. Unexpectedly, if you don’t look at it, you don’t know it, but you are shocked when you look at it! Sure enough, “Journey to the West” did not mention that Erlang God has a third eye!

In “Journey to the West”, Erlang God appeared in the sixth chapter “Avalokitesvara went to the meeting and asked why the little sage gave power to the great sage”. Sun Wukong made a big disturbance in the Heavenly Palace, and the heavenly soldiers were unable to capture him. Guanyin Bodhisattva recommended Erlang God of Guanhekou. Erlang Shen’s appearance poem is as follows:

The appearance is handsome and dignified, with bright ears and shoulders. Wearing a three-mountain flying phoenix hat and a light yellow collar.

Golden boots are lined with panlong socks, and jade belts are decorated with eight treasures. He wears a crescent-shaped slingshot on his waist, and holds a three-pointed and two-edged gun in his hand.

The ax smashed Taoshan once to save the mother, flicked and beat the two phoenixes. He has a long reputation for killing the eight monsters, and he has established the seven holy deeds of Meishan.

The heart is high and does not recognize the family members of heaven, and the arrogance returns to the gods and lives in Guanjiang. Akagi Zhaohui Yingling Sheng, Manifestation of Boundless No. Erlang.

There is no word here that Erlang God has three eyes. When Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva introduced Erlang God, he only said that Erlang God has great supernatural powers, and he listens to the tune but not to the announcement. Then look at the changes in the fight between Erlang God and Monkey King in the back. For a while, he “opened his phoenix eyes to watch”, and for a while “opened his phoenix eyes quickly, and looked carefully”. Not to mention having a third eye.

So I am even more curious! So, where did the deep-rooted image of Erlang God with three eyes come from? Is it “Feng Shen Yan Yi”?

So I went to read “Feng Shen Yan Yi”. The story of “Fengshen Yanyi” should have happened before “Journey to the West”. In “Journey to the West” Erlang Shen’s appearance poem, “Yijie Meishan Seven Saints” happened in “Fengshen Yanyi”, and Yang Jian’s three-pointed two-edged spear was also obtained in “Fengshen Yanyi”.

Erlang Shen made his debut in Chapter 40 of “Fengshen Yanyi”, “Four Heavenly Kings Meet Bing Linggong”. Jiang Ziya confronted the four generals of the Mo family for more than a year, but could not win, Erlang came to help. The book only briefly describes the appearance of Erlang God, “This Taoist wears a cloud crown with a fan, wears a hydration suit, a silk sash around his waist, and hemp shoes on his feet…” There is no description about the third eye at all. Moreover, Erlang God in “Fengshen Yanyi” seems to have only seventy-two changes and the supernatural power of Samadhi True Fire. If you want to distinguish the true bodies of the goblins, you have to borrow a demon mirror. It can be seen that the mana is much worse than in “Journey to the West”. Of course, after all, the story of “Fengshen” happened before “Journey to the West”, so the magic power is still weak.

If neither “Journey to the West” nor “Fengshen Yanyi” mentions that Erlang God has three eyes, then where does the third eye of Erlang God that we are familiar with come from? I thought about it myself, and my impression of Erlang God having three eyes comes from cartoons and film and television dramas. However, it is impossible for film and television dramas to create a third eye for Erlang God out of thin air! So, I looked around for relevant legend materials.

There is no description of Erlang God in the current edition of “Sou Shen Ji”. However, in the Wanli Edition of Jinling Tang Family’s Fuchuntang, there is an article “Guankou Erlang God” in the “Newly Carved Images Supplementary Sou Shen Ji”, and there is no description about the third eye of Erlang God in this entry, but the article contains In the accompanying image, there is one eye painted on Erlang’s seal. This finally has some source.

Although the Erlang God in “Sou Shen Ji” is Guankou Erlang God, his name is not Yang Jian, but Zhao Yu. This again involves Erlang Shen’s life experience. I rambled and looked up a lot of information about Erlang Shen, most of which were in various folk dramas and raps. After searching all over the place, not only did not clear up the clues, but became more and more confused. In addition to Yang Erlang, Zhao Erlang, and Li Erlang. Everyone’s background is different. I think it might be that the name “Erlang” is too common, so there are gods and idols named Erlang everywhere, and in the end they all became “Erlang God”. However, in all the materials, there is no description of the third eye of Erlang God.

However, during the search process, many interesting legends were obtained. For example, in the legend of Erlang God Yang Jian in “Erlang Baojuan”, there is a story about splitting a mountain to save his mother. It is said that Yang Jian is the son of the Three Fairies and Yang Tianyou. The first fairy went down to heaven to marry Ao Guang, the Dragon King of the East China Sea, and the second fairy went down to earth to marry the Tianwang Tota Li. The three fairies married Yang Tianyou and gave birth to the golden-haired prince Yang Jian. Later, when the three fairies washed clothes in the river, the Dragon King of the East China Sea was alarmed, and a copy was read, which was taken by Monkey King of Huaguo Mountain and pressed under the Peach Blossom Hill. After Yang Jian heard about it, he found the mountain axe, split the mountain and rescued his mother.

Finally, I will summarize my opinion on the origin of Erlang God’s third eye: the story of “Splitting the Mountain to Save His Mother” that we are more familiar with is “Lotus Lantern”. Fairy. The story of “Lotus Lantern” should be derived from the legend of Yang Erlang cutting the mountain to save his mother in “Erlang Baojuan”. And the story of Yang Erlang splitting the mountain to save his mother was born out of “Mu Lian rescued his mother”. Mu Lian is a disciple of the Buddha, with celestial clairvoyance, she can see her mother suffering in the ghost realm due to greed. This is also the origin of Menglanpen Festival on July 15th. My guess is that when the legend of Erlang God saving his mother was derived from the folk legend of Mulian saving his mother, he endowed Mulian’s celestial eyesight into the image of Erlang God. Therefore, in various patterns and embroidered images, Erlang God’s three eyes have become a conventional image. And precisely because the image of Erlang God with three eyes has been deeply ingrained in the folks, there is no need to emphasize this point at all in the written records.

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