Enjoy a summer, catch up with the tide of Quanzhou and explore the new cultural tourism space of Quanzhou

On the afternoon of June 30, 2023, hosted by the Propaganda Department of the Fengze District Committee of Quanzhou City, the Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau of Fengze District of Quanzhou City, and the Federation of Literary and Art Circles of Fengze District of Quanzhou City, Quanzhou Fengze District Cultural Center, Quanzhou City Fengze District Library and Fujian Wuqi Planet Culture Media Co., Ltd. hosted the “Enjoy a Summer, Catch the Tide in Quanzhou——The Exploration Road of Quanzhou’s New Cultural Tourism Space”

The event was grandly held in the library of Fengze District, Quanzhou City. As one of the supporting activities in Fengze District of the 5th Maritime Silk Road International Art Festival, this event adhered to the overall direction of the 5th Maritime Silk Road International Art Festival. In the form of activities, it is hoped to create a more distinctive Fengze cultural tourism brand and promote the organic integration of traditional culture and fashionable life in Fengze District. Leaders attending the event included Zheng Weiping, Executive Deputy Director of the Propaganda Department of Fengze District Committee, Shangguan Yixin, Deputy Director of Fengze District Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau, Fu Shuming, Director of Fengze District Cultural Center, and Kang Ximin, Director of Fengze District Library. The guests at the event included Zheng Xianzhang and Wu Zhuling, project leaders of Xingyue City, Chen Yuan, deputy general manager of Winshang.com Fujian, Xing Xiaodong, leader of Shanghai Pinyuehui Commercial Management Company, Geng Ran, general manager of Red Star Macalline Fujian, and other industry leaders. business representatives. At the beginning of the event, Ms. Zheng Weiping, Executive Deputy Director of the Propaganda Department of Fengze District Party Committee, delivered a speech, affirming the holding of this event and expressing expectations for the enrichment of cultural construction.

The main content of this event is to invite local multi-party cultural builders, explorers of traditional culture and trendy ways, music culture experts and curators from first-tier cities to jointly exchange “the road to explore the new cultural tourism space in Quanzhou”. In the exchange session, 3 themes were designed: 1. A review of the history of Quanzhou cultural content construction in the past and future planning prospects 2. Trials and explorations of music content over the years and the perceived role in promoting Quanzhou culture 3. Livehouse The value and significance in promoting the construction of music culture. Finally, as one of the proponents of this event, 57 Planet Culture Company will release Quanzhou Live
The brand concept of the house venue.

This event also specially invited Mr. Chen Zuozuo, director of Beijing Yifuture Charity Foundation, former marketing public relations director of Hearst Magazine International (China), and trainer/curator of southern Fujian music, as the guest host of the event.

The first theme of the exchange session invited Fu Shuming, curator of the Fengze District Cultural Center in Quanzhou City; Mr. Wu Ji, a member of the Chinese Literary Critics Association, secretary-general of the Quanzhou Literary Critics Association, Xiaoshulin Education, and founder of Wenling Academy; Ms. Zheng Dazhen, the person in charge and curator of the Living Creation Society, and three outstanding local cultural content builders communicated together. The sincere and in-depth communication of the three teachers aroused frequent applause from the scene.
During the exchange, he made a brief review of the entire cultural construction process of Fengze District, and also put forward some constructive suggestions for the interactive communication and co-creation with Licheng District. Mr. Wu made an in-depth analysis of the influence of marine culture on Quanzhou culture , believes that the openness and inclusiveness of its culture provide more conditions for the addition of new methods and new content, and actively encourage more people to join in the experience and dissemination of culture. (Detailed content of the exchange will be a follow-up special report)

We found that in 2023, with the recovery of concerts, the recovery of the performance market, and the return of “Summer of the Band” and other music complexes with considerable performance appeal, larger stages and deeper demands from music fans will gradually wake up. , Livehouse will also be the first to usher in its own spring.

From January to April, there are as many as 710 Livehouse performances registered and sold, spanning all over the country. Among them, the top three cities are: 64 performances in Shanghai, 52 performances in Beijing, and 46 performances in Chengdu.

Livehouse has become a way of life. Although searching Livehouse on Xiaohongshu and Dianping, there will be a lot of so-called “livehouse” bar video fragments of sitting, drinking, eating barbecue and watching cover performances. The controversy over true and false Livehouses continues.

But for today’s young people, buying tickets to go live to “feel” music is almost an essential daily habit. Against the background of the hot “night economy”, as the capillary of original music, Livehouse is also constantly achieving the goal of popularization and breaking the circle.

Based on the changes in the market, we have keenly captured the opportunities and challenges here, and hereby invited Mr. Zhang Yichuan, a well-known live tuner in China; Mr. Cai Kaidong, a local music producer in Quanzhou; 57 Planet Brand Content Strategy Officer, former chief director of Mi Wei Media Mr. Qian Hanqin, let’s discuss music, culture, scene and market together. First of all, the three teachers explained what livehouse is from their own perspectives, and they all expressed the irreplaceable charm of the music scene. Secondly, they all fully expressed the expectations of Quanzhou music fans and young people for a professional music performance space like livehouse. Hope, finally mentioned the positive value of such a cultural performance space for enriching Quanzhou’s night economy and culture. The vivid, interesting and relaxed communication methods of the three teachers vividly displayed the charm of music. (Detailed content of the exchange will be reported later)

From the exchange of teachers, it is profound to understand the value and significance of livehouse in promoting the construction of music culture. Therefore, the first professional music performance space in Quanzhou came into being based on this market background and cultural needs. As one of the proponents of this event, 57 Planet Culture Media Co., Ltd., Ms. Chen Yunxia, ​​the founding member of its brand, explained and released the Quanzhou Live
The brand concept of the house venue. At the release site, first a pink planet came into view, soft piano music sounded, and the brand agent slowly introduced: “During 2011 and 2012, scientists conducted a large-scale astrolabe census through star cluster telescopes and discovered A gj504b that is 57 light-years away from the earth and exudes magenta light. It is like strawberry-flavored candy, and human emotions will be stored on this planet. It is like a warm and soft pink fluffy ball, which makes our joy Anger, sorrow and joy can be completely released here. Hey, you are welcome to land on Planet 57.” Afterwards, Ms. Chen Yunxia explained the founding team, site conditions, and brand planning and development of the venue.

We learned that its founding team is a professional team with strong skills in music, film and television, variety shows, commercial real estate, and event planning. The venue also invited professional space design and acoustic design teams in the circle to create a high standard music performance space. In terms of content, it will also provide no less than 50 music band performances and no less than 10 art and cultural exhibitions per year. It will also gather more cultural and art practitioners to discuss the emotions and lives of consumers based on the Z era. , to launch experimental humanistic activities. In terms of brand business, it will focus on the operation of livehouse venues, the production of online and offline music festivals, the operation of content that empowers businesses, and the artist economy, and will actively cultivate and support local bands.

After the release of the brand concept, all the guests present witnessed the unveiling ceremony of Quanzhou’s first Livehouse project in Xingyue City.Mr. Wu, the project leader of Xingyue City, and the brand manager of 57 PlanetplumlemonlemonHolding the pink curtain together, they unveiled the curtain during the countdown of the audience, officially announcing the completion of the first livehouse music base in Quanzhou.

The successful holding of this event will promote a better cross-border integration of curation, humanistic exhibitions, South Music Team, trendy bands, etc., and truly innovate the new cultural tourism road that belongs to Fengze, Quanzhou, which will add more to Fengze District. A cultural co-construction base has filled the gap in the market where there is no music live house in Quanzhou for many years. In the future, it will definitely attract more cultural builders and better bands to Quanzhou, and it will also attract more and more young people. To prosper the cultural consumption market. let us wait and see.

In the end, all the guests took a group photo with the team of 57 Planet Culture, and the event came to a successful conclusion.

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