Drink a pot of Longjing tea and taste the culture of Jiangnan

Hangzhou, a city with a long history, has a unique taste, which is the fragrance of Longjing tea.

Longjing tea can be said to be a symbol of Hangzhou. It not only won the reputation of “tea capital” for Hangzhou, but also became a part of Hangzhou people’s life, adding infinite charm to the city.

The history of Hangzhou Longjing Tea can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty. At that time, Hangzhou had become an important area for tea production in China. With the passage of time, the cultivation and production techniques of Longjing tea have been gradually refined, forming a unique craftsmanship and style.

Longjing tea is usually picked in spring, when the tea leaves are emerald green in color, fresh in taste and fragrant. The quality characteristics of Longjing tea are also very distinctive. Its shape is uniquely flat, which is made through unique rolling and stir-frying techniques. Secondly, Longjing tea is emerald green in color and smooth as a mirror. It can be called a work of art in the tea industry. Every cup exudes the breath of spring, which makes people intoxicated.

Longjing tea has become a part of Hangzhou culture, adding a profound cultural heritage to the city, and at the same time exerting a profound influence on the lives of Hangzhou people. Every spring, when new teas are on the market, Hangzhou people will hold a grand tea culture event, attracting many tourists to watch. In daily life, Longjing tea has become a social media for Hangzhou people. Tasting and discussing tea is not only a way of life for Hangzhou people, but also a way for them to communicate with the world.

Nowadays, the development trend of Hangzhou Longjing tea is getting better and better. As consumers pay more and more attention to healthy diet, the efficacy of Longjing tea is gradually recognized by more and more people. At the same time, with the continuous advancement of science and technology, the cultivation and production technology of Longjing tea is also constantly innovating, making the quality of Longjing tea more stable and excellent.

Hangzhou Longjing tea is not only a drink, but also a symbol of culture and emotion. It has witnessed the historical changes of Hangzhou, and has also penetrated into the daily life of Hangzhou people. In the process of drinking tea, we can not only feel the unique quality and aroma of Longjing tea, but also experience the charm and human emotions of the city of Hangzhou.

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