Don’t shoot! This bug is poisonous!

In summer, everyone likes to play on the grass, but the mosquitoes are also active in summer. What if there are mosquitoes on the body? Many people will subconsciously slap them, but you must not do this when you encounter a bug! Slapping can cause its venom to stick to our skin, causing strong burns, dermatitis, redness, swelling, blisters and even festering. This kind of insect is the paederus.


Don’t shoot this bug!

How toxic are paederus?

Paederus can secrete venom with a pH value of 1-2, which is highly corrosive and is called “flying sulfuric acid”. If it falls on the body, the correct way is to gently blow it away, or use other items to drive it away.

How to identify paederus?

The paederus is slender and looks like a big ant, with a body length ranging from 3 mm to 3 cm. Its whole body is orange and black, and its tail often twists and turns. Paederus has a wide distribution range and phototaxis, and woods, grassland, farmland, etc. may be its habitat.

What to do if you get burned by a paederus?

The wound should be washed as soon as possible to wash away the venom and reduce the burning sensation. If the situation is serious, you should go to the hospital in time for anti-infection or anti-allergy treatment.


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