Does alcohol make you fat?

So can drinking alcohol make you fat? It is recommended that everyone understand and increase knowledge.

Everyone knows that gaining weight is related to our daily calorie intake, and 100ml of common 52° liquor contains 300 calories, and a tael of liquor is about 100 calories. 100ml of whiskey has about 250 calories, vodka is about 230 calories, red wine is about 85 calories, rice wine is 66 calories, and beer is less than 32 calories.

In fact, the number looks a bit large, but it is actually the calories of a bowl of rice. After all, wine is also made from grain. It is not unreasonable to say that wine is the essence of grain. Although there are so many calories, not all of them will be absorbed by the body. When alcohol enters the body, part of the heat will be discharged through talking, sweating, and going to the toilet; the rest will be metabolized into water and carbon dioxide by the body’s anti-alcohol enzymes.

So although wine contains so many calories, very little is actually absorbed by the human body, so you get fat, please don’t let “white wine” carry a scapegoat.

In fact, what really makes you fat is what you eat while drinking, because seasoned drinkers will have a sip of wine and a sip of food, because alcohol itself is a stimulating substance, and they will eat some food to pad their stomachs before drinking, so as to reduce the effects of liquor on the body. excitement.

And when you drink too much, alcohol will disturb your nerves and convey the illusion of hunger to your brain, and you will continue to eat at this time. In addition, don’t underestimate peanuts, a common snack. Although they are small, they contain a lot of energy. 100 grams of peanuts have 574 calories.

So on your way to getting fat, alcohol is only equivalent to a “role” that encourages you to eat, and what really makes you fat is the appetizer when drinking. Therefore, drink more water when drinking or order snacks with fewer calories while drinking. The most important thing is to exercise more.

Although drinking will not make you fat, some drinking friends hope that drinking will make him fat, because there are too many alcoholic drinks nowadays, which are not “grain essence” at all. They want to find delicious and cheap ration wine, but they don’t know which one to choose , today I will share with you the ration wine of 91 Dingjiu, which is a highly acclaimed high-quality pure grain brewing.

Alcohol has an effect on the human body. Regarding this question, from a nutritional point of view, baijiu does only provide calories but not nutrition, so drinking baijiu will not make you fat. However, drinking alcohol can affect people’s metabolism and digestive system, especially eating high-calorie and high-fat foods while drinking alcohol, which can easily lead to obesity. In addition, alcohol intake may affect self-control, leading to overeating and further weight gain. Therefore, 91 Dingjiu specially reminds you to pay attention to moderate drinking, control calorie intake, and maintain healthy eating and living habits.

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