Do you not give chopsticks to eat mushrooms? People in Yunnan have become popular again for eating mushrooms, this time because of chopsticks!

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“Red umbrellas, white poles, let’s lie down together after eating…”,

Every year in July and August, when people in Yunnan feast on mushrooms, this familiar melody becomes popular again on major short video platforms.

According to the latest data,

On average, more than 1,000 people are poisoned by eating mushrooms every year

although eating fungus is risky, Yunnan people love to eat it.

Recently, people in Yunnan have become popular again for eating mushrooms, but this time it is not because of eating mushrooms, but because of chopsticks!

What is going on? Let’s take a look together.

Recently, the topic of “eating mushrooms in Yunnan without giving chopsticks” has become a hot search on various platforms, and it has become popular on the Internet. Many netizens expressed in the short video that they went to Yunnan to eat mushroom hotpot.

As a result, there are no chopsticks on the table

the store said that they will not give chopsticks until they are cooked,

It aroused heated discussions among netizens.

Why not give the guests chopsticks in advance?

There are two main reasons for this.


Afraid of customers stealing food

Although the shop did not issue chopsticks,

But a timer is issued on each table.

The function of this timer is mainly to calculate the cooking time of the mushrooms. Generally speaking, the wild mushrooms need to be cooked for about 20 minutes to fully mature, because each type of mushroom is different, and the cooking time is actually different.

Therefore, each store stipulates that it should be cooked for 20 minutes.

After the mushrooms are fully mature, the waiter will distribute chopsticks to the guests. The purpose of this is to prevent the guests from eating them if they are not cooked.

Some local customers in Yunnan also said: “I am a native of Yunnan, hurry up and bring me chopsticks, I don’t know if the mushrooms can be eaten?”

As a result, I didn’t expect to be slapped in the face soon, and the store still refused to give chopsticks:

“Yunnan people can’t eat it in advance, they have to be cooked for 20 minutes before they are fully ripe.”


Reduce the risk of eating

If the customer is poisoned by eating fungus, then the restaurant must also bear certain responsibilities

if the matter is serious, the shop owner may have to go in and stay.

Therefore, eating mushrooms is a risky thing for both customers and restaurants. In order to reduce the risk of eating mushrooms, the store chose not to distribute chopsticks in advance, but only after they are thoroughly cooked. Hair chopsticks.

The store owner who opened a mushroom hotpot restaurant in Yunnan said: “

We are also helpless

We used to distribute chopsticks in advance, although we would tell the guests to eat after 20 minutes, there is also an hourglass and timer on the dining table,

But many customers couldn’t help picking up their chopsticks and eating it ahead of time when they smelled the fragrance of the fungus.

This caused many customers to leave every year dizzy and dizzy after eating, and some even went directly to the hospital. Later, our restaurants uniformly stipulated that after the mushrooms are cooked, they will be given chopsticks to customers. “

When summer comes, Yunnan people’s love for mushrooms is beyond the reach of people in other places, and many tourists travel thousands of miles to Yunnan to taste the delicious mushrooms.

Some Yunnan netizens commented hotly after watching it: “I’m a local, and I grew up eating mushrooms. One time, my classmate’s boyfriend was poisoned by eating mushrooms, so he called us to have a look.

He said he was in the world of Avatar,

There are many colorful jellyfish in the air. After we passed by, we saw him dancing on the playground alone.

Immediately everyone fainted from laughter, and we sent him to the hospital after laughing…”

Some netizens also said

: “Don’t eat the bacteria you don’t know.

, and don’t easily mix all kinds of mushrooms together to cook, wild mushroom stewing is also risky. “

Some netizens commented: “It is too long to cook for 20 minutes. Some mushrooms will not be crispy after 10 minutes of cooking. If they are cooked for 20 minutes, they will be completely soft and rotten, which will affect the taste.”

How do you feel about this?

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