“Detective Conan: Black Iron Fish Shadow” full version: Is it worth watching?

Zhang Wuji said anxiously: “We just need to have a clear conscience, what do you do with other people’s words?”

Zhou Zhiruo said: “What if I feel ashamed?”

Because the spoiler news of m26 has not been confirmed before, so I thought about a lot of things but never wrote. But with the end of the 100-person screening in the past two days and the news of Ke Ai’s kiss being confirmed, I can finally say something without being so cautious.

Black Iron Fish Shadow: https://pan.quark.cn/s/cf9a28e6f7d1

First of all, we should make a clear definition: characters in literary works should be imagined and created based on the basic rules of the real society. This definition can be interpreted in many ways, but today it is only framed on the moral level. The main mistake made by “Detective Conan: Black Iron Fish Shadow” (m26 for short) is to violate this definition.

Because I am an old Ke Ai party myself, I will look at this matter from Ke Ai’s perspective. Why Haibara Ai, as the second female lead in the “Detective Conan” series, has such a high popularity during the nearly 30 years of serialization, and even sold five times as much as the heroine Mao Liran in the sales of peripheral products?One of the most important points is that

In most of the works of the Detective Conan series, Haibara Ai strictly abides by this definition. In the series, many women fell in love with Edogawa Conan or Kudo Shinichi, but among them, the one who really had a deep emotional bond with the protagonist,

There are only Mao Lilan with the setting of childhood sweetheart and Hui Yuanai with the setting of falling from the sky. Hui Yuan Ai, as an abandoned child of the black organization, believes that she “should not exist in this world”, and what really made her regain her confidence in life, or to put it another way, it really became her confidence in life. Edogawa Conan who was by her side when she was most desperate. For those who redeem themselves, it is almost natural to like him, but the biggest problem is that Conan has had the love of his life from the beginning. Facing a relationship that was impossible to win from the very beginning, Hui Yuanai strictly abided by the moral code in his heart, just like the “Seven Roses” in the TV version,

Haibara Ai did not hide her inner feelings, and secretly liked Conan. Choose to bear this bitter love alone, not to affect Xinlan’s relationship. This feeling of never forgetting and not remembering, really touched the audience, and the feeling of strictly abiding by the secular rules will also resonate with similar audiences. Over the years, this has become Haibara Ai’s personality charm.

As for m26, there is no problem with artificial respiration alone. There is no controversy in taking the most effective measures in the face of an emergency. In other words, even if it is not Conan but Motota Mitsuhiko or anyone who is saved, Xiao Ai will do it and it should not cause controversy. The biggest problem is In Hui Yuanai’s act of returning the “kiss” to Mao Lilan. Terrible is the fact that a girl who once used seven roses to say that she secretly likes you defines an ordinary artificial respiration as a “kiss”. How humble must a person be in love to have such an idea? What kind of strange psychology does a person have to see normal behavior so distorted? Is this still the strong and independent Haibara Ai we audiences have seen? There is a well-written sentence in Tieba, “The plot of this movie belongs to the level of being scolded for fanfiction”, which deeply and accurately reflects the level of this movie.

Because the characters in literary works should be imagined and created based on the basic rules of the real society, many deeply rooted characters actually have their own “personality” in the real world. In m26, whether artificial respiration is misinterpreted as “Ke Ai kissing” or Xiao Ai returns the “kiss” to Xiao Lan, it is a complete collapse of Hui Yuan Ai’s design. The reason why the audience never regards Hui Yuan Ai as the third party of Xinlan’s love is because Hui Yuan Ai’s character is strong, independent, persistent in the face of love, absolutely rational, and has clear boundaries. And m26’s Huiyuan Ai is tantamount to acquiescing to his third party identity, committing crimes against the wind when Xinlan has become a lover in the plot. In this incident, what should really be sad should be our Ke Ai Party rather than the Xinlan Party. Mao Lilan’s character design may be pulled back from the armed NPC, but where should the stain of Huiyuan Ai go?

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