Demolition of walls in natural scenic spots requires even more removal of conceptual walls

Recently, incidents of “walls blocking the scenery” incidents along the scenic spots such as Jiulong Waterfall in Yunnan and Hukou Waterfall on the Yellow River in Shaanxi have attracted attention. According to media reports, all the fences blocking the line of sight along the two scenic spots have been removed. In this regard, netizens applauded one after another.

It is reported that there are usually two reasons why some scenic spots set up walls along the roads along the scenic spot: one is the so-called “for the safety of tourists”, the scenic spot believes that if there is “exposed” scenery along the line, it will divert the attention of drivers along the line, and even attract tourists to stop and watch , causing traffic risks; the second is intentional, in order to be able to sell more tickets, the scenic spot chooses to fence off the landscape and not let pedestrians “take advantage of it for nothing”.
After the controversy arose, scenic spots such as Hukou Waterfall in Yichuan, Shaanxi, Jiulong Waterfall in Yunnan, Meili Snow Mountain and other scenic spots responded to the appeal and carried out rectification, demolishing walls or opening scenic spots for free. In this regard, other scenic spots and related management departments should also take warning. Media concerns and netizens appealed to fully explain that whether it is “for the safety of tourists” or to deliberately block the scenery to increase ticket revenue, the act of setting up walls along the scenic spot is unpopular. This also reminds all localities that in the process of developing tourism, the operation planning of scenic spots and the setting along the surrounding routes cannot be simply and rudely “blocked by one wall”.

For the safety issues along the scenic area, you can find other more comfortable alternatives. For example, for the rectification of the Hukou Waterfall Scenic Spot on the Yellow River, local experts in transportation, geology, landscape, cultural tourism and other fields were invited. This fully demonstrates that wanton covering on the grounds of safety is untenable. For the behavior of selling tickets to block the scenery, we should also jump out of the limited thinking and vision of the “ticket economy”, establish a long-term development concept, avoid short-sighted thinking, and work hard to enrich the format of scenic spots and expand consumption scenarios. Preserve the intact public landscape.

As far as the present is concerned, the public’s demand for ecological protection and scenic spot planning is different from the past. Respecting nature, embracing nature, getting close to nature, not being isolated from the scenery due to artificial barriers, and sharing the beautiful scenery with others has become a consensus of the times. The planning and operation of the scenic spot must also keep up with the rhythm of the times, listen to the voices of the public, have a grand pattern and strategic vision, but also have refined management and touching details, and work hard to dig deep into the connotation of the scenic spot and polish it. Make a fuss about the brand of the scenic spot, and achieve real results in polishing the quality of service, so that good scenery and good service can reach people’s hearts, and the road to the development of scenic spots will become wider and farther. (Central Broadcasting Network special commentator

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