Cuiye Baihua annual Peng

Annual Capsicum is an annual or biennial herb of Compositae, and the whole herb is used as medicine. Native to North America, it was introduced into my country as an ornamental plant.

The annual flowers are as round as coins, with golden stamens and slender white petals, clean and elegant, slender and weak, as if they can take off with the wind. However, it has tenacious vitality, super fecundity, good adaptability, and rapid growth. One seed spreads quickly, and it is defined as a harmful biological system in agriculture.

It was first discovered in Shanghai at the end of the 19th century, and now there are small figures of it all over the country, which shows the scope and speed of its spread.

For farmers, it may be the most annoying weed in the field, but for people who grew up in the city, I saw its small flowers, which are a bit delicate and refreshing, and it is cool at first sight among the colorful, green leaves and white flowers. See you pity.

The flower language of the annual cape is easygoing, pure, and tenacious, which fits well with its personality. An ordinary little wild flower, like a mortal surrounded by the world of mortals, in order to make a living, work hard, but persevere, tenacious, unyielding, enjoy the simple happiness in the fireworks in the city…

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