“Creative Classic 1947” high-end brand released!Shijiazhuang wine industry adds another heavy product

On July 3, the release and promotion meeting of Shijiu “Chuangshi Classic 1947” with the theme of “Creating a New Chapter, Classic Glory” was held in Shijiazhuang Asia Pacific Hotel, and launched the super high-end brand of Shijiu “Chuangshi”.

Shijiu Company was founded in 1947 and is the first public brewery in New China. It was originally a public winery in Shijiazhuang City in the Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei Border Area, a special liquor supply factory for entertainment during the Xibaipo period, and a wine production factory for banquets at the founding ceremony. The founder of the enterprise is known as the eldest son of the liquor industry of the Republic.

The brand of Shijiu Company’s “Creative Classic 1947” is of great significance: in November 1947, Shijiazhuang was liberated, and Comrade Zhu De spoke highly of the liberation of Shijiazhuang as “the first example of seizing a big city”. In December 1947, the Shijiazhuang Public Brewery in the Jinchaji Border Region was established, opening the precedent for the brewing industry in New China and becoming a “pioneering example” in the brewing industry.

“Creative classic 1947” selects the basic wine body of 30-year-old pottery altar, inherits the brewing skills of the red hand-made class in the early days of Shijiu, and blends it with the 60- and 70-year-old collection of old wine when the factory was established. It has been tasted by China’s top liquor expert group Confirmed, the color of the wine is light yellow and transparent, the smell is elegant, the fragrance is outstanding, the aroma is rich, the three fragrances are elegant and comfortable, the entrance of the wine is sweet, mellow and harmonious, the throat is soft and refreshing, and the aftertaste is long. The shape of the product is square, and the packaging is based on red, with sunny gold. The bottle body is separated to form a “stone” shape, and the red star on the bottle cap symbolizes the coming of New China from Shijiazhuang.

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