China and the United States returned to Mars to sample and return to an accident, and China and the United States did not release the “pigeon”. Is it because of poor technology?

Progress and Challenges of the Mars Sample Return Program

Mars sample return program is NASA and EuropeanaerospaceA major mission jointly conducted by the NASA and NASA aims to collect samples from Mars and bring them back to Earth for study. However, this plan faces many challenges and difficulties. The first is the budget issue, the plan is expected to cost 7 billion US dollars, beyond the initial expected range.Secondly, time is tight. The original plan was to complete it in 2031, but due to various reasons, the United StatesaerospaceThe bureau had to postpone it by two years and will complete the mission in 2033.

Due to unsatisfactory technical progress, the return time of Mars sampling was delayed. Among them, the construction and overall budget of the US lander need to be further improved, and safety measures also need to be guaranteed.Therefore, the United StatesaerospaceThe Bureau had to admit the fact that the development progress could not keep up.while China isMars explorationSignificant breakthroughs have been made in terms of MarshelicopterThe successful landing is one of the landmark events.In contrast, the U.S.aerospaceTechnology appears relatively immature in this regard.

Different motivations and comparisons of China and the United States in Mars exploration

Both the United States and China have a strong interest in the exploration of Mars and other planets. The reason why the United States is eager to return to the moon and achieve achievements on Mars is, on the one hand, to prepare for future missions to Mars, and on the other hand, because China has achieved great success in exploring Mars and the moon. China’s development not only poses a challenge to the United States, but also makes the United States worry about losing its appeal and status.

China inMars explorationMany high-end technologies have been demonstrated, such as the use ofcomposite materialMaking cabin shells, advanced flight control technology, and more. However, some people question whether China’s technology is self-developed, saying that it is only standing on the shoulders of other countries to copy successfully. However, this view does not hold water. China has not only made independent achievements in Mars exploration, but also has many independently developed technologies in other fields.

The Similarities and Differences of Mars and Moon Exploration and America’s Dilemma

Mars and the moon are human explorationspaceAlthough the current conditions on Mars are more suitable for human habitation, living on Mars for a long time is not an easy task. Mars exploration is facing many difficulties and challenges, and many technical difficulties need to be overcome. Although China’s research on Mars exploration has achieved some results, further exploration and research are still needed.

Compared with the exploration of Mars, the United States landed on the moon earlier and left its footprints there. However, in recent decades, the United States has no plans to continue to land on the moon, mainly because of cost issues and lost interest in lunar exploration. However, as China has achieved great success in its lunar exploration missions, the United States has renewed its interest in the moon. It can be seen that China’s rapid development has become an important driving force for the United States to return to the moon.

The Rise of China’s Aerospace and America’s Worries

Chinese SpaceflightThe rapid rise of the cause has brought great pressure and anxiety to the United States.China inaerospaceThe development of the field has gradually been comparable to or even surpassed that of the United States, especially in some parts and components ahead of the United States.This has prompted American experts toChinese SpaceflightHe marveled at the speed of business development and believed that the United States could no longer catch up with China.

However, for China’saerospaceCareer, the United States also has a certain degree of wariness. Some people believe that China is standing on the shoulders of other countries to complete the task, and call it plagiarism.But in fact, China isaerospaceDomains develop independently and autonomously.For example, China’s MarshelicopterMarshelicopterinspired, but also has its own uniqueness.

In short, China’saerospaceThe rapid development of the cause has brought pressure and anxiety to the United States.However, China isaerospaceCareer achievements are the result of independent research and development, not simple plagiarism. In the future, on the way to explore Mars and other planets, China will continue to explore and innovate, and continue to lead mankind to find new miracles and possibilities.

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