“Changfengdu”: It turns out that this is the truth about Fan Xuan’s expedition, the prince’s poisoning, and Wang Shanquan’s killing

“Changfengdu”: It turns out that this is the truth about Fan Xuan’s expedition, the prince’s poisoning, and Wang Shanquan’s killing

Text 丨 Qingxin Junyue

Wang Shanquan died.

He never thought that Ye Yun, who has always been weak, would dare to kill him. In the first second, he was still the mighty emperor of Lizhou, but in the next second, he became a cold corpse.

Until the moment of his death, Wang Shanquan didn’t know that everything was calculated by Luo Zishang. As early as Wang Shanquan asked Luo Zishang to be his staff, he was destined to become Luo Zishang’s “pawn and discarded piece”.

As for Liu Yuru and Ye Yun, as well as Ye Shi’an, Fan Xuan, the prince, etc., they are all in Luo Zishang’s game of winning the world.

Liu Yuru

In order to collect 300,000 shi of food and grass, Liu Yuru returned to Lizhou in desperation.

Worried about being recognized by the neighbors near the old house and causing trouble, Liu Yuru took Yin Hong and Shen Ming to live in Xifeng Lady’s Lanxiaofang.

From Liu Yuru’s point of view, the reason why Lan Xiaofang can stand under Wang Shanquan’s harsh government can only show that Mrs. Xifeng belongs to Wang Shanquan. In this case, it is safer to live under Wang Shanquan’s nose.

It’s just that Liu Yuru’s guess was only half right. On the surface, Mrs. Xifeng belonged to Wang Shanquan, but she was really loyal to Luo Zishang.

Because of this, Luo Zishang got the news as soon as Liu Yuru, who was disguised as a man, appeared in Lan Xiaofang.

Luo Zishang had already guessed that Liu Yuru would come to Yuzhou.

Fushuo of Lizhou, if he wants to collect grain, he can’t avoid it, but this time, Luo Zishang didn’t obstruct it. Instead, when Liu Yuru disrupted the market and suppressed the price of grain, he played a role behind the scenes and ordered the famous The next grain store cooperates with Liu Yuru’s “fried grain”.

Luo Zishang has deep scheming and treacherous means, it is false to help Liu Yuru, but it is true to use Liu Yuru to achieve ulterior motives.

For one thing, after breaking up with Wang Shanquan, Luo Zishang left Mizhou and lived near the border of Mizhou. He needed a suitable reason to return to Mizhou.

Liu Yuru disrupted the Wuzhou market and cooperated with Ye Shian to smash Wang Shanquan’s bank, which happened to be in Luo Zishang’s arms, because only in this way, Wang Shanquan would invite him out of the mountain.

Only when he returns to Xuanzhou can his next plan be implemented smoothly.

Secondly, Luo Zishang knew clearly that Liu Yuru collected the grain to give Youzhou the food and grass for the crusade against King Liang.

Luo Zishang was happy to see Fan Xuan devoting all of Yuzhou’s efforts to rescue the besieged Eastern Capital. Because whether Fan Xuan wins or loses, it is good for him to win the world.

If you lose, Youzhou’s strength will be weakened, and you will lose a strong enemy; if you win, King Liang will retreat, and it is impossible for other states to allow Fan Xuan to grow up and monopolize the eastern capital by himself. The profit, took advantage of the chaos.

The more chaotic the world and the more wars, the better for Luo Zishang.

Thanks to the help of Luo Zishang, Liu Yuru’s plan to purchase grain went smoothly, and Wang Shanquan’s bank also went bankrupt.

In desperation, Wang Shanquan, whose economy was hit hard, had the cheek to write a book and ask Luo Zishang to help him stabilize the situation, but Wang Shanquan didn’t know that when Luo Zishang returned, it was the day his heart stopped beating.

Calculating Ye Yun

Luo Zishang has great ambitions, aiming at the whole world, and his first step to win the world is to take Yuzhou into his pocket.

From the moment Liu Yuru and others came to Yuzhou, Luo Zishang’s other plan began to be carried out in secret – to use Ye Yun to get rid of Wang Shanquan.

Only when Wang Shanquan is dead can he control Xuanzhou.

However, Luo Zishang was never a reckless person. He knew that it was impossible to get rid of Wang Shanquan by force. The best way was to kill with a knife, and Ye Yun was the best candidate.

Firstly, Ye Yun and Wang Shanquan had a sworn feud.

When Wang Shanquan took advantage of the chaos to stand on his own feet, he killed the entire family of the Ye family. Except for Ye Shi’an and Ye Yun who were studying in other places, everyone in the Ye family died under Wang Shanquan’s knife.

Not only that, Wang Shanquan, who was attracted by the sex, also ruined Ye Yun’s body and forced her to be his concubine. This kind of hatred is enough to support Ye Yun to kill Wang Shanquan.

Secondly, Wang Shanquan didn’t defend Ye Yun.

Wang Shanquan was able to climb to the current position, and he is not a brainless person. In addition, he has done all kinds of bad things and has too many enemies. Wang Shanquan has always been very careful. However, Wang Shanquan, who is suspicious by nature, never defends against Ye Yun.

In his opinion, it is true that Ye Yun has hatred for him, but based on his understanding of Ye Yun, he was born in a noble family, grew up with rich clothes and rich food, and can’t carry his shoulders. Something threatened him.

Besides, Ye Shi’an’s life was still in his hands, no matter how much Ye Yun hated him, wouldn’t she just compromise for Ye Shi’an’s sake.

For Wang Shanquan, Ye Yun is just a plaything at his mercy, without the slightest ability to resist, he never worried about what Ye Yun could do to him, so he did not defend against Ye Yun.

Being able to get close to Wang Shanquan’s body and make Wang Shanquan undefended, Ye Yun couldn’t have chosen better. However, even if Ye Yun meets the requirements, how to get Ye Yun to make a move is the top priority of the whole plan.

Just like that, Lady Xifeng, the key figure in the plan, appeared.

Lady Xifeng ostensibly surrendered to Wang Shanquan, and gained the freedom to enter and leave Wang Shanquan’s Jiedu envoy’s mansion. Under Luo Zishang’s instruction, Lady Xifeng came to Ye Yun’s yard, and seeing Ye Yun’s refusal to eat, she pretended to persuade:

“Women’s fate is inherently more bitter. Whether it’s a noble girl or a Goulan tile house, it’s the same in troubled times. Miss Ye, in this world, you can get such a result. Life is safe and food and clothing are not worrying.” Worry, you are already living a good life. Why keep holding money from a wealthy family.”

This passage seems to be persuasion, but it is actually a temptation and a reminder. Test whether Ye Yun has compromised with Wang Shanquan, and remind Ye Yun that her current “canary” life is all thanks to Wang Shanquan.

Sure enough, after listening to Mrs. Xifeng’s words, Ye Yun satirized Mrs. Xifeng’s life without self, and she was very grateful for being pampered like a plaything.

Miss Xifeng was not angry because of Ye Yun’s thorny words, but she painstakingly analyzed the current situation and the pros and cons for Ye Yun. Wang Shanquan will definitely deal with Ye Shian.

The purpose of these words was to break down Ye Yun’s psychological defense, drive her to a corner, and let her make a choice.

Afterwards, Miss Xifeng gave Ye Yun two choices:

“You have only two choices. Either kill yourself as soon as possible and break Ye Shian’s bondage so that she can escape. If you want to live, you must surrender to Wang Shanquan and learn to please other concubines. I am not tired of you, hold this love firmly in the palm of my hand, as my own amulet, but if a person dies, there will be nothing, no hatred, no hatred, you have to think about how to choose. “

What Miss Xifeng said made Ye Yun fall into deep thought.

In any case, she couldn’t cater to and please Wang Shanquan in order to save her life. She thought of death, but death was indeed all over, but could Ye Shian really escape? What should the Ye family’s great enemy do?

Just when Ye Yun was hesitating whether to commit suicide, the chestnut cake sent by Ye Shi’an encouraged Ye Yun to decide to assassinate Wang Shanquan.

On the surface, what made Ye Yun choose to take the risk and kill Wang Shanquan was the news hidden in the chestnut cake sent by Ye Shian in time, but in fact, all of this was within Luo Zishang’s calculations.

Luo Zishang knew that with Liu Yuru’s personality, he would try every means to take Ye Yun away when he came to Mizhou to learn about Ye Yun. And once Ye Yun learns that there is a chance to escape from Xuanzhou, she will ignite the hope of life.

But if she wants to leave Yuzhou smoothly, and at the same time ensure that her brother and Liu Yuru will not be in danger, there is only one way before Ye Yun – to kill Wang Shanquan:

“Only after he’s dead, my brother, my sister Yuru, can they escape safely.”

For the great enmity of the Ye family, for the safety of her elder brother and Liu Yuru, and in order to be an upright woman like Liu Yuru, Ye Yun carefully dressed up and invited Wang Shanquan. He did not spare the hairpin and stabbed Wang Shanquan to death.

As soon as Ye Yun succeeded, Miss Xifeng appeared, which also showed from the side that everything was under Luo Zishang’s control.

Using the safety of Ye Shi’an and Liu Yuru to arouse Ye Yun’s desire to resist, use Ye Yun’s resistance to get rid of Wang Shanquan’s stumbling block, and then release the news that Wang Shanquan, who attempted to rebel, was killed by him, and he justifiably took over Yuzhou.

Interlocking and seamless, Luo Zishang became the helm of Yuzhou without a single soldier.

poison the prince

Luo Zishang’s game is not limited to Yuzhou, and the death of the prince is also a move of Luo Zishang.

Fan Xuan and Zhou Gaolang, who are loyal and patriotic to the emperor, devoted all of Youzhou’s strength to crusade against King Liang who besieged the Eastern Capital. In order to be famous as a teacher, and to restore the stability of Darong, Fan Xuan sent someone to pick up the prince who had already escaped and come back to preside over the overall situation.

Unexpectedly, the prince was found, but he was poisoned and died.

For this reason, Zhou Gaolang angrily cursed Liang Wang as a ruthless traitor.

On the surface, King Liang did have the motive to kill the prince. As long as the prince is dead, there will be no successors for the great glory, and the Jiedu envoys of the thirteen states will have no one to assist, then the chances of uniting to attack him will be greatly reduced , and it is not so unfair for him to establish himself as emperor.

But in fact, it was probably not King Liang who poisoned the prince.

As for the reason:

1. For King Liang, from the moment he sent troops to rebel, whether the prince is dead or alive is not so important. When the emperor was alive, he dared to rebel, so why did he care about the prince?

2. It can be known from the play that the prince died of poisoning, but the attendants around him are all alive. If it was the King of Liang’s doing, he didn’t need to poison the prince to death, he could just kill him directly. In this way, he would be able to establish his prestige in front of the Jiedu envoys of the thirteen states and boost the morale of the team. At the same time, the Prince Liang’s attendant, King Liang, would definitely not stay alive.

3. If it was really King Liang who poisoned the prince to death, he would have already announced it to the world. Once the crown prince died, there would be chaos in the imperial city of Dongdu, which would be more conducive for him to capture Dongdu.

Therefore, the prince did not die at the hands of King Liang, and King Liang probably didn’t know that the prince was dead.

So if it wasn’t Liang Wang, who would poison the prince to death?

Fan Xuan can directly rule it out, he has no reason to kill the prince; the possibility of Jiedu envoys from other states is also unlikely, everyone is watching the fire from the other side, waiting for the development of the situation, no one will easily be charged with killing the prince, otherwise it will be easy Becoming the target of crusade, besides, for them, it is better to coerce the emperor to make the princes come than to kill the prince.

Therefore, the biggest possibility is that Luo Zishang did it.

Luo Zishang’s goal is to win the world, and the prerequisite for winning the world is to overthrow the current rule. If the prince is taken back by Fan Xuan, then Da Rong will still be under the prince’s control. Even if the governors of the states are unwilling to obey, in order to avoid being labeled as a traitor, they must obey the prince.

It is different when the crown prince is dead. There is no successor to the royal family of great glory, and the Jiedu envoys of the thirteen states have no one to pledge allegiance to, so there is a high probability that they will support themselves. States are likely to continue to form alliances or attack each other for the sake of power and self-protection. This refers to the Warring States Period.

As long as the world is in chaos, Luo Zishang will have the opportunity to take advantage of the chaos.

With Luo Zishang’s scheming and methods, he was able to easily take down Yuzhou, so it is not impossible to use tricks to swallow other states little by little.


Luo Zishang is the biggest villain in the whole play, and at the same time he is also a poor man blinded by hatred.

Luo Zishang, who crawled out of the Shura field, has long since become a cold revenge machine. He has no heart and no emotion, and the only warmth is given to Liu Yuru, whom he met when he was young.

But this limited warmth is still not worth mentioning in the face of revenge, he still let Wang Shanquan bloodbath the Gu family, if the Gu family hadn’t been prepared, Liu Yuru would have died in that catastrophe.

For Luo Zishang, everyone and everything in the world are his pawns to compete in the world. In order to get revenge, in order to play this big game well, Luo Zishang’s tricks were exhausted, and they did everything they could.

However, if he had the same happy family as Gu Jiusi, if he hadn’t been the shady evil that his grandfather said, if he hadn’t lost his mother’s shelter and wandered around the world, maybe he wouldn’t have embarked on this bloody and sinful road of no return up.

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