Cecilia Cheung debuted in Paris, the “cream skirt” with hair stickers looks wide shoulders, strong arms are very dramatic

Today, Cecilia Cheung’s beauty gave me another screen shot. As an invited actress, I attended the 75th anniversary exhibition of BVLGARI BVLGARI SERPENTI IN ART series in Paris. She appeared at the event in a white “cream dress” with hair styling It is completely a proper senior lady.

But the fly in the ointment is that the matching of the shape and clothing this time is not very suitable for her. While her shoulders are broad, her arms are still very strong.

Cecilia Cheung’s beauty has always been undoubted, with a palm-sized face, a clear jaw line, and a quarter of British mixed blood, compared with the facial features of ordinary people, it looks much more refined and three-dimensional, and is born with anti-aging bones , is the reason why she still looks young after giving birth to three children.

At this Paris exhibition event, Wu Lei, a domestic traffic niche, was also present. The black suit he wore that day was handsome and attractive. It perfectly formed a sharp contrast with Cecilia Cheung’s white cream skirt. The two are like The wealthy siblings in the novel attended the event. The handsome men and beautiful women are very eye-catching, but Cecilia Cheung’s strong arms seem to be a bit of a show.

Although it is not the first time that Cecilia Cheung and Wu Lei have met, it is the first time that they have collaborated on the same brand. They are very happy to attend the same stage event in a foreign country. Cecilia Cheung has always been very approachable. When chatting, they did not put on airs of seniority, and it could be seen that the two of them chatted very happily.

Cecilia Cheung has always been in good shape, her frame is not too big or small, and her body is thin, so whether she is in the fans’ shots or on the screen, she always gives people a feeling of being a bird, but this time The shape of the offline activities of the Paris exhibition is not so out of the circle in terms of body creation, and even creates a proportion of head, shoulders and shoulder width that does not have shoulder width.

Not to mention the matching of hairstyle and styling, an actress who can control the hair style should not only have a superior appearance, but the head is also very important. It is obvious that Cecilia Cheung’s superior facial features are fully supported in this style. This is the banner of posting hair style.

The mid-parted high-cut hairstyle perfectly presents her deep and delicate facial features. Even if the photos are in the style of the head-up series, the wide jawline is not exposed like other actresses. The jawline is still small and narrow at the age of 43 , There is no sign of gills at all.

Because it is the attendance of Bulgari’s offline exhibition activities rather than exaggerated and gorgeous dress activities, so the style of the dress is kept simple.

The biggest advantage of Cecilia Cheung’s white satin dress is the low-cut visual design of the suspenders. The wide neckline has the most obvious effect on wearing jewelry. At the same time, it can also show the femininity of the dress in detail, bringing refreshing age reduction style of dressing.

The fabric of the skirt is also the most textured satin material among all the materials. Coupled with the design style of the slim long skirt, and the light and transparent/light and flexible skirt design of the skirt, it perfectly releases the niche and high-end beauty of the dress.

Under the sunny day in Paris Square, Cecilia Cheung wore a French-style minimalist white dress. The perfect design of the dress outlines the curves of the figure, with the neck embellishment of Bulgari jewelry, and the classic princess hair. Beauty, will belong to Cecilia Cheung’s elegant beauty, shining and romantic France.

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