Can I still apply for a UK visa if I don’t have a job/freelance job?

Many friends who want to apply for a UK visa will ask a question, is it impossible to apply for a visa without a job or freelance work?

The answer, of course, is: wrong.

Because the British visa is mainly in the form of a material visa, the emphasis is on the rationality and integrity of the materials. The Immigration Bureau does not stipulate that there is no job. If you are self-employed and freelance, you cannot apply for a visa, and you are not eligible to apply for it. This is also very unreasonable. .

First of all, the role of the work certificate is to prove your domestic joint relationship and highlight the binding force, but it is not the only material that can reflect this. If not, you can use other materials to replace it, such as whether there are other direct relatives in China, for example Parents, etc., or whether there are fixed assets, medical insurance and social security stock funds, etc., can be provided as auxiliary materials, so as to strengthen the domestic joint relationship, as long as the visa officer recognizes the purpose of the applicant’s entry and believes that there is indeed a need to return on time Reasons, highlighting their own advantages, then generally they can be signed normally~

If you also want to apply for a UK visa, welcome to consult us to help you see how to provide materials.

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