Burning Will: Limited to UR characters in August

September UR intelligence analysis

Hello everyone, I’m Gerald.

The recent limited recruitment has begun to change the lineup, and the recruitment of the six sons of the Hundred Beasts is about to end. But before there was an information map leaked out, the talent map of Black Maria among the Flying Six Cells. Dao said: It seems to be because of the clothes, too much. . . . , it is difficult to pass the trial, so it is pressed. Subsequent changes to Kira and Kidd.

The new limited game announced in July is determined to be New World Kidd, and Kidd’s gameplay seems to be aimed at the living conditions of someone in the three disasters. As for New World Kidd’s gameplay, it should be equipped with subsequent player effects. You may wish to refer to the talent effect of Jack’s younger brother among the Big Three. (personal guess ha)

Kira is the leading character at the beginning of the Wano country chapter. After Kidd, the three giants of Wano country are short of Luffy and Luo.

Kidd in July, who will be limited in August, after all, the anniversary limit in September is the top priority, the official will not replace some low-popular characters, UR’s recruitment method can allow the official to create good marketing effect. If there is a chance to match the name of UR-there are only two characters left, Luffy and Big Mom.

The previous version of the new world has been updated once, and it is impossible to update the new version again, at least because there is not enough time for creation. If Silla is released, it is easy to cause Silla to be laid off. Then Silla will most likely be awakened in August. Meet.

Cooperating with UR characters, Kidd, Luo, and Kira fought back to overthrow Kaido’s dominance on the ladder, which can not only conform to the development of the anime plot, but also conform to the development of the positioning story of the game version.

August’s limited recruitment will be September’s UR role

Who is the limit in August? It is very important, it is related to the limited characters in September, and we speculate on the possible events of limited recruitment based on past intelligence:

August: Black Maria, there is a high probability of Luffy in September

If August: Leaving Wano Country, Luffy will most likely be UR aunt in September

And if September is positioned as the UR character aunt, then October is basically Luffy. Followed by the Straw Hats.

August’s awakening role linkage has a chance to be the new world Luo

In September, Fujitora, followed by the naval team.

At the same time, we have to consider the situation of the character being suppressed. In August, it will basically not be Luffy. Otherwise, what is the use of the popular protagonist’s halo being suppressed by UR aunt? If Luffy comes out in October, how can UR aunt He De deserve the name of UR?

But if you play the reverse routine, that is, after the UR aunt is recruited, she will be the role of the Big Mom Pirates, and it will take another half a year to reach the Straw Hats, and the game can continue to be popular for another year. If it is an operation, how would you choose to let players keep their love for the game? However, the role of the straw hat group is enough for Wano country to be positioned for a year, so I believe that the operation will not play the routine of reversal and reversal, and the Luffy group has a high probability of coming early.

Therefore, when the characters appear in August, we can boldly speculate on the information about the limited recruitment characters in the later period.

If it is Luffy, there is a high probability that it will be Wano Country Luffy-Ryu Sakura version. Nika Luffy Even if Luffy Nika’s status is released in the anime at the end of August, the game will not be able to update the latest status immediately. You can refer to Kidd’s Gundam status in the game.

Well, the above speculation is all personal YY reasoning, don’t spray if you don’t like it! Not fidelity, please refer to the final announcement of the game for game recruitment information!

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