Book of the Day|Summer Wars

“Summer Wars”, written by (West) Julia Barcello, illustrated by (French) Camille Vanier, translated by Li Jiyuan, Chenguang Publishing House Qianxun Neverend, April 2023.

Recommended reason:As social media continues to integrate into our lives, appearance and body anxiety are increasingly bothering us. This anxiety affects not only adults, but also adolescent children, especially girls. Spanish actress Julia Barcelo wrote a book for adolescent girls to read the aesthetic pressure on women experienced in daily life and work.

The girl Sol was invited to a bikini beach party. Out of dissatisfaction with her figure, she decided to lose weight. She tried everything, but with little success, and kept falling into self-denial. Gradually, she realized that her strong body shame actually came from unreasonable influence and scrutiny from the outside world. So Sol began to accept his body, and found that those who seemed to have a good figure also had strong body anxiety. When everyone shared the anxiety about the body, the pressure in everyone’s heart dissipated because of the resonance.

And when Sol accepted herself, she discovered that her imperfect body was inherited from her family. The author wrote in the book: “The more time we spend on ‘the body I want to be’, the less time we spend on ‘I am at this moment’.” Breaking the stereotypes internalized in our hearts Impression, facing up to and accepting oneself is the subject of everyone’s growth.

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