Blind beauty boxes are finally banned

Blind boxes will start to rise in 2020. The overall repurchase rate of registered members of Bubble Mart, the trendy toy brand that sparked the blind box craze, was 51%, that is, at least one of every two consumers who bought the Bubble Mart blind box will buy another one. The “2020 Blind Box Economic Insight Report” also shows that it is expected that the market size of the blind box industry will double to 30 billion yuan in 2024.

According to the data from Tianyancha, there are currently more than 1,200 companies in my country whose names or business scope include “trendy toys, trendy toys, and blind boxes”, of which more than 80% were established within 5 years. In 2020 alone, more than 400 fashion-related companies have been added.

We know that most of the consumers who buy blind boxes are post-95 young people. The blind boxes contain all kinds of exquisite dolls and peripheral toys. Only when consumers open the box do they know what they are buying. Which one has the taste of “Schrödinger’s cat”.

And this kind of uncertainty and the sense of expectation for the finished product in the box have just inspired many young consumers to pursue excitement. The most interesting thing about blind boxes is, of course, collecting limited editions. In order to collect their favorite limited-edition products, many young consumers often chop their hands cruelly, buying again and again until the limited-edition products are available.

In fact, the blind box hits the “gambler’s psychology” of consumers. The post-80s like to buy lottery tickets, and the post-95s like to buy blind boxes. The nature is similar, but the latter is more inclined to entertainment.

Such a marketing model that is popular with the young consumer market, of course, was quickly followed by the cosmetics industry. For example, L’Oreal has launched a L’Oreal “Little Beauty Box”, which contains 6 to 8 trial packs of L’Oreal brands, such as Lancome, Helena, Biotherm, Kiehl’s, Shu Uemura, etc. Before opening the box, consumers cannot Find out which products are among them. In 2020, YSL Saint Laurent also jointly launched a customized product gift box with Bubble Mart, which is also a beauty blind box.

In addition to international big names, many small and medium-sized beauty brands are also rushing to the blind box market, trying to reap a wave of dividends.

Obviously, the national government is also aware of this phenomenon. On June 15 this year, the State Administration for Market Regulation issued the “Guidelines for Blind Box Operations (Trial)”, which stipulated the scope, price, and information disclosure of blind box operations. The guidelines pointed out that food and cosmetics do not have guaranteed quality. Safety and consumer rights conditions should not be sold in the form of blind boxes.

So far, cosmetic blind boxes have withdrawn from the era.

In the opinion of the editor, this is a good thing. As we have seen, many problems have been exposed since the development of blind box marketing. Sell ​​it as a commodity. If you think about it carefully, is this situation normal, especially for offline beauty stores and online unknown beauty stores?

In this regard, it is difficult for consumers to find out the source of the product, and they often wonder whether it is genuine, and it is really insecure to use it.

For brand owners, there are thousands of marketing methods, and it is not necessary to choose blind boxes, especially for special cosmetics. The efficacy should be the first priority. If blind boxes take the limelight for no reason, then the focus must be There will be changes, and even interfere with the final purchase of consumers.

For a long time, the editor is not optimistic about the blind box of special cosmetics. Maybe the cosmetics can be used as a gimmick to make some noise, but the blind box is not suitable for the cosmetics industry after all. As a representative of fashion games, the blind box has more Good place to play.

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