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On May 30, 2023, 7 ministries and commissions including the China Association for Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly released the list of the second batch of “Scientists’ Spiritual Education Bases”, and 11 units from Zhejiang Province were selected. This issue specially develops a column to continue to show the demeanor of the selected bases.

Zhou Yao Insect Museum

Zhou Yao (1912-2008), born in Yin County, Ningbo, was an internationally renowned entomologist and an important founder of modern Chinese insect taxonomy. He loved the motherland all his life, devoted himself to scientific innovation, and made outstanding contributions to insect science in China and the world.

In 1996, Yin County, his hometown, built the Zhou Yao Insect Museum on the bank of Dongqian Lake in order to carry forward Zhou Yao’s family and country feelings and scientist spirit. In 2022, the Zhou Yao Insect Museum will be relocated to the second phase of Yinzhou Park. The new museum has a total construction area of ​​2,760 square meters and a total project investment of 40 million yuan. It is the only insect-themed natural museum in Zhejiang Province and the largest insect museum in Asia named after an individual.

The museum not only displays more than 3,000 insect specimens collected by Zhou Yao and a batch of precious hand-painted insect pictures, but also displays the world of insects through various exhibition forms such as physical objects plus models, pictures plus video materials, multimedia interaction, and ecological live breeding devices. , with the help of acousto-optic and 3D printing technology scenes to display the largest number of butterfly kingdoms in the country, making this museum a new urban public cultural space integrating exhibitions, education, science popularization, and natural experience.

The museum is divided into two floors, of which the exhibition hall covers an area of ​​1,760 square meters. With the two exhibition themes of “Entomological Master” and “Insect World”, Zhou Yao’s life story and scientific achievements are perfected and summarized, and at the same time, he strives to create a The “natural highland” that displays diverse organisms and explores new scientific knowledge has the duality of character commemoration and knowledge popularization.

Since 2022, Zhouyao Insect Museum has successively won the National Popular Science Education Base, Biodiversity Experience Site in Zhejiang Province, Traditional Multi-Party Cooperation Education Base in Zhejiang Province, Traditional Education Base in Zhejiang Province by Jiusan Society, Excellent Popular Science Education Base in Zhejiang Province, and Ecological Civilization in Ningbo City In May 2022, it was selected into the list of the first batch of 23 scientists’ spiritual education bases in Zhejiang Province. In May 2023, it was selected into the list of scientists’ spiritual education bases announced by seven ministries and commissions including the China Association for Science and Technology.

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