Bad people officially don’t give Empress Li Xingyun a chance to be together, Chi Meng will appear later

It’s been a while since the sixth season of “Drawing Bad People in the Rivers and Lakes” has ended, but even though it’s over, the popularity has continued, and many people are discussing this anime. The official is also very happy to see this situation, and has activities with many fans from time to time, during which they also revealed a lot about the seventh season of the painting of bad guys. And this time the official made a sound again, mainly talking about three characters, these three characters are Empress Li Xingyun and Chi Meng, let’s analyze it together below.

Bad people officially do not give Empress Li Xingyun a chance to be together

The first is Empress Li Xingyun. After the sixth season ended, some netizens complained about the empress, hoping that the empress could be with Li Xingyun. After all, the empress paid so much for Li Xingyun, even at the expense of her life. In the finale of the sixth season, she led her men to resist Li Siyuan’s army, buying time for Li Xingyun to kill Li Siyuan.

Some netizens bluntly said that the role of the empress is much greater than that of the heroine Ji Ruxue. It doesn’t matter if there is a heroine Ji Ruxue. After all, Ji Ruxue can only fight small soldiers. However, it would be better to let the empress become the heroine, that’s right. What’s more, Ji Ruxue was originally the maidservant of the empress, how could a maid ride on her master’s body. A villainous commander like Li Xingyun should be with a leader like the Empress.

However, many people think it is good, but the official attitude of bad people is very clear, clearly stated that they will not give the empress and Li Xingyun a chance to be together, they will only have one-on-one pure love, and this one-on-one pure love They are Li Xingyun and Ji Ruxue. It’s impossible for others to get involved, at least they don’t have the idea. And some people here may say, that’s not right, isn’t it obvious that the director of the second season of Painting Jianghu: Bad People wants to make the empress and Li Xingyun a pair? Also gave the two intimate scenes. In the finale, the empress took people to Qianling for Li Xingyun, to help Li Xingyun. And in the third season, the empress broke up with her brother for Li Xingyun, and would rather kill her brother than keep Li Xingyun. They are so in love, why can’t they let Li Xingyun and the empress be together.

As for this, I want to say that it was in the past, when the director wanted to give the empress and Li Xingyun a relationship scene, but since the fourth season, after changing the director, the empress’ character has been reversed, and the empress has no relationship with Li Xingyun. Li Xingyun thought about being together. But now the official focus is pure love, Li Xingyun only likes Ji Ruxue, and Ji Ruxue does not marry Li Xingyun. As for the empress, it is better for the empress to be busy with her career and be beautiful alone.

Chi Meng will appear later

Then there is Chi Meng. At the end of the fourth season of Painting the Bad People, Chi Meng went offline, and she didn’t have a part in the fifth and sixth seasons, but many fans hope that Chi Meng can still have a role. According to the official statement, they are already planning a new Raojiang chapter, finishing the unfinished story, and Chi Meng and the others have not forgotten, and they will arrange an appearance later. But don’t think about Chi Meng and Li Xingyun being together, there is no possibility between these two people.

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