As the saying goes, “Men don’t wear gold, women don’t wear silver”, why do you say that?I understand after listening to the old man’s introduction

If you’ve had the chance to step into the lives of wealthy people, you’ve probably noticed that they seem to have a penchant for adorning themselves. Jewelry, accessories and other luxurious things, they not only symbolize people’s wealth, but also add embellishment to people’s image.In the minds of many people, gold and silver are symbols of this luxury.

However, in many parts of our country,There is an old saying, “Men don’t wear gold and women don’t wear silver”. So, why did the ancients have such a concept?I was fortunate enough to consult a well-informed old man, and his explanation opened my eyes.

First of all, let’s explore why men in ancient times couldn’t wear gold.

The old man explained,Men wearing gold would show off their wealth too much, which was not accepted in ancient China. Considering the production level and shortage of materials in ancient times, most people can live a well-off life with a few copper coins in their hands.

If a man dangled a gold chain in the street, envious looks, jealous resentment, and possibly even calculations against him would follow.

In ancient times, the law and order environment was not so stable, and thieves, liars, and bandits were all common. Against this backdrop, flaunting wealth can only lead to disaster.Therefore, from the perspective of safety and low profile, it is best for men not to wear gold.

In addition, the meaning of the man Dai Jin is not appropriate. In ancient times,If a man commits a crime, a golden seal will be tattooed on his face, which was regarded as a lifelong shame at that time.In the classic novel “Water Margin”, there is a plot where Song Jiang tried his best to remove this golden seal.

Therefore, Dai Jin is regarded as Dai Jinyin to some extent, which obviously violates the taboo of the ancients. In addition, gold has the homonym of “jing” or “gui” in Chinese, which means that Dai Jin may be misleading.Therefore, from this perspective, it is best for men not to wear gold.

So, what should ancient men wear? The old man told me that the ancients generally believed that jade was the best accessory that men should wear. The texture of jade is warm and moist, which can represent the maturity and stability of men, and show the temperament as warm and moist as jade.People in ancient times also believed that the minerals in jade were beneficial to the human body, and there was even a superstitious view that jade could help people eliminate disasters.

Next, let’s take a look at why ancient women could not wear silver

The old man explained that this is because ancient women attached great importance to their own moral character, and only women with noble moral character can be respected by people.And “silver” is homonymous with “kinky” in Chinese, so women who wear silver jewelry may make people mistakenly think that they have bad conduct.This is unacceptable for a woman who protects her honor and dignity.

In addition, the old man also explained that in ancient times, except for women from wealthy families, most women needed to do housework and take care of the family.If they wear silver jewelry, it may be affected in daily activities such as housework, washing and cooking.For example, if you wear a silver ring on your hand, it will be inconvenient to do household chores.

In ancient times, the requirements for women were relatively strict. They could not go out casually, and they had to maintain their feminine virtues.If a woman dresses up too gorgeously and wears all kinds of accessories, then she may be regarded as immoral.Therefore, ancient women would not easily touch silver jewelry.

Of course, the above statements are all based on the specific background of ancient society. In modern society, these concepts no longer apply. Today’s women are free to go in and out of various occasions, like to dress up, and even dare to wear avant-garde and sexy clothing.Whether it is silver jewelry, or any other form of decoration, as long as they like, they are free to choose.

In general, although the concept of “men don’t wear gold and women don’t wear silver” may seem ridiculous today, but these concepts,In fact, it reflects the way of life and values ​​​​of the ancients, and also provides us with a perspective to understand and understand ancient society.

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